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Let’s Talk Texture and Clay

Back in the fall I was working away in my clay studio at home and doing various things to finish up a bag of raku clay. I had bought it in anticipation of possibly doing a group raku session but it didn’t work out, so I thought I’d use it in regular projects at home.

I’m not very fond of this clay. I find its color bland and though the clay is fine to work with, it’s not grabbing hold of me in any way. Long story short, I had made some things with it and had some almost-too-dry scraps left. I formed them into tiles. Then, on a whim, I used various tools and objects to impress into the clay. I fired them and then washed them with Jet Black Velvet underglaze, and then dip-glazed them. Here were the results.

Clay tile 11-19 @ 4x4 group - two relief tile studies2

I liked the look of them and I decided to make a couple of vessels using the same impression techniques. I rolled out a slab:

Impressed clay 11-19

I cut it and formed it into two cylinder vessels. I then followed the same production path as for the tiles. Here are the results.

Vessel #1 in total – I’ve left it small so you can see the whole progression – click on the images if you want a detailed view.

And the second vessel:

I used Jet Black Velvet underglaze to coat the interiors of the vessels rather than leaving them the clay color as I might have done if I liked the clay color better!

Impressions Vessel #2 1-20 View 5 top

And here are a couple of portraits, larger sized, Vessel 1, first, then Vessel 2.