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Scrawling a Picture or Two

I bought a whole box of 8″x10″ birch boards and prepared them all with gesso. My intention was to paint a lot of small pictures using photos I took during the Sunshine Project or more recently as the inspirations.

I was thinking to try to be somewhat literal – meaning to follow the photo as closely as I could. In this way I am revisiting the location and the moment that I took the photo and evaluating the experience of being in that place. It is a good way to think about the small moments in everyday life that can get overlooked. This lesson is something I am trying to take forward with me from the Sunshine Project.

Things did not work out as I had thought, really. The part about taking time to absorb an experience is very valid, but the way I was going about it was maybe not quite right for me. I was once again reminded that I value my painting life for its lack of direction and structure. For the idea that what I paint does not have to make sense. I felt a bit trapped.

Still, what I also learned was – using the photos as a starting point and then adding or subtracting or amending made a good way of working. When I thought about things, I realized that once again it’s all in my attitude about the process. It’s up to me to decide how it goes. When I came to this conclusion, balance seemed to be restored to my art/painting/memory process, and I was happy.

Anyway. I started off a group of four paintings by quickly drawing in the outlines of shapes in black paint on the white background. I liked the way this looked. I think I would like to try painting with some watery acrylics later on.

Here is the finished foursome. Each painting has a meaning to me – they are all directly drawn from my everyday life.

Sunshine Photos Part Two

Some more photos from my recent Sunshine Project.

The first three pictures are just as the object appears – I did nothing to the photos. I love the abstract patterns and colors.

And this photo has had a little bit done to it. It looks like a comet to me, streaking through space, but it really came from a local park and was lying on the ground.

The end of a sawn-off  section from a fallen tree.

The end of a sawn-off section from a fallen tree.

Sunshine-Derived Photos – Part 2

More photos from places I have visited for the Sunshine Project. The first five have had some kind of alteration; the last three are as they appear.

Everyday life offers up a lot of interesting things to look at.

If you want to see more, here’s an earlier post I did with more photos.

Shopping and Some Other Things

I’ve been using my camera more lately because I have been taking a lot of pictures for my Sunshine Project on one of my other blogs. Along the way I’ve taken some shots that I liked. Thought I’d post a few here. They were all taken between December 21, 2014 and today.

This first group is comprised of pictures as I took them – no enhancements.

The pictures in the second group have had a little enhancement in the lighting but no other changes.