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Inadvertant Selfie

Honest. A few weeks ago, this photo appeared in the gallery lineup when I was looking over a set of photos I had just taken. I guess I took this one too, I just didn’t know it.

And yet somehow it has an appeal…so I kept it. How often do you see yourself from this angle? And in a pleasingly blurred way so that your faults are washed away? Think about it.


I think I mentioned I took an online phone camera photography class back in the fall, 2020. I learned a lot in this class and I practiced some of the ideas on myself. At the risk of seeming self-obsessed, I will show you some of the photos.

With a couple of simple apps there is a lot that can be done to make an ordinary photo interesting, and I enjoyed trying out the different ideas brought out in the class, such as unusual angles or cropping, blurring, or distorting. Even some plain old feet can have their moment…

Noir is Me

The photo that asks the question: Can a mature lady sitting in a booth in a chain restaurant become noir just by … sitting?  And what’s more, can she actually be any good at it? Will anything change in our turning world as the days of our lives collide with those with another life to live?

And what’s more more, who writes this stuff, anyway?

Yes, it’s me. At least that part is real and true.

Eye 11-19 BW1

Mistake, but I like it

I took this photo by mistake. I was getting ready to photo some paintings – I put them on the concrete floor of my front porch and stand over them to take the pictures. Ooops, my legs wanted to get a selfie done. I liked the way they did it, so I kept the photo.

This is how things happen around here at my house. Don’t ever say serendipity does not have a sense of humor.