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Paint Brochure Embellishment: Biography Time

You’ve seen these paint brochure artworks before, so I’ll say no more, other than to tell you that this one was done in July, 2018.

Oh, wait, I guess I need to explain a little bit what I was thinking. I decided that each paint name was that of a person; I added their titles and gave them each an occupation. Now it will make sense to you, I hope.

Take a look. Here is the whole thing:

And here is the left side:

and the right side.


Collage is all about combining bits of things that came from different sources into one image. I’ve been doing it for a long time and I love it.

These artist trading cards combine magazine pages and and print with people or items I’ve drawn in ink on another piece of paper and then inserted into the scene.

Made in March, 2018.

Do You Remember the Ogre Babies?

Sure you do. Back in April, 2018, that’s when you first saw them.

I could never make myself think they were quite finished. In June, 2018, I took them out and worked on them some more. I added acrylic inks, India ink, crayon, and some oil pastels, plus I wrote on them.

Now they are finished. Here they are:

And for fun, each with its previous self.


Into the Pale

Both of these postcards rely on pale hues and quiet tones to make their point. Though there is that red face…

Mail art postcards, acrylics, collage, ink.


The postcards were painted in acrylics and then had a little more done to them to finish things up.

Multi-layered Postcards

I took a couple of pieces of recycled cardboard cut to postcard size and gessoed them. Then I painted over them with acrylics, in a random kind of way. Them I drew on them in ink, using a couple of different pens.

Both scenes were taken from photos I took at the plein air event I did in June 2017, in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. The cards were done in September 2017.

A Whole City Full of People…

…and these are the ones upon whom you focus today.

Mail art postcards, collage, 2017.

Scratched Out and in Color

Two postcards from the end of 2017. I just like the colors and I like to make those scratches to reveal underlying…surprises.