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More Paper Dolls and Their Interactions

Here are some more paper people caught as they go about their regular routines.

All I do is set them on the scanner, at random, in groups of two or three. They do the rest.

They are all pretty much the same size – the photos might make them appear as if some are larger than others. These people are all about 5-6 inches tall.

This crowd has moved to North Carolina. I think they’ll find a nice welcome there.

Paper Dolls and Their Social Mileu

Here are some paper dolls I made back in December, 2021. It’s the kind of thing I like to do while watching TV at night.

I glue the papers (mostly magazine pages) on to a postcard-sized cardboard rectangle (I use cereal or cracker box cardboard – it’s sturdy but not bulky). Once I have finished the figure I cut out around it. Each figure is about 5.5-6″ tall.

I scanned the figures in groups to make these images. All I did was line up the figures – I didn’t arrange them or make groupings. So you might say these images catch the paper dolls in their regular life? A kind of Candid Camera thing? Visual eavesdropping, maybe. Anyway, here they are.

As a note, this entire group recently hopped on a plane (inside an envelope) and moved out to California where, at latest report, they are making new friends and settling down. Good luck to them!

Paper Dolls and Paper Doll Animals

I made these in December 2019 and mailed them to a friend.

I’ve made plenty of paper dolls but no animals, until now.

We Are Who We Are

Paper Dolls from February, 2018. You’ve seen them scattered through the Art Diary, but here they are all together. And they stayed together – I gave them away, and they all went to one person.

I think they were happy about that, staying together, I mean. They do make a nice group.

Art Diary 2018 – Week Ending February 23

Art Diary. A weekly wrap-up of art activities. For earlier posts, search under the category Art Diary.

And off we go on another art week.

On Saturday, February 17, I was watching the Olympics at night and I did a lot of little things to keep my hands busy. One paper doll:

AD 2-17 #4001

some postcards, and some ATC’s. The latter two categories, I had some cards already partly painted or collaged and I devoted myself to collaging them to finish them up.

Monday, February 19 – I had a little time at the end of the afternoon. I spent it painting the edges of paintings recently completed. A boring task but it need to be done and the paintings always look so much nicer with a finished edge.

I have a lot of postcards and ATC’s in progress and going somewhere even if I don’t know where. I added some paint today, here and there. I didn’t have time to start something bigger and this was perfect to do now.

I have a small assortment of diminutive gessoed and Claybord surfaces – I think I’ve accumulated them as free gifts with Dick Blick purchases over time. As I’ve said I’m working down my inventory of boards, and now we have come to these little guys. They will likely be the next paint recipients.

Tuesday, February 20 – I spent some time on ATC’s

AD 2-20 #6005

and postcards. Things are progressing. I figure pretty soon I’ll be ready to finish up this phase of mail art things. Most of these are getting to where I would consider them finished. Maybe…

AD 2-20 #1006

I decided to start working on the small panels. I chose this group of four for today:

AD 2-19 #5003

They have a smooth surface, pre-primed with gesso, slick-feeling. Today I just wanted to get some color on them. I lined them up, painted a color, turned the boards 90 degrees, and added more, until things were pretty well covered up. I am not sure what I want to do here. I’m still thinking maybe trees or faces. I am really working out those themes, I know, but I’m nowhere near tired of them yet. In process:

And where I ended the day:

AD 2-20 #2001

Wednesday, February 21 – I was out for a lot of the day, including a visit to the dentist. So I had just a little time in the afternoon. I decided to spend it with the 7″ x 5″ boards I started yesterday. They have become portraits, more of those odd people ones. I am captive to this portrait thing right now.

Friday, February 23 – At the end of this week already! I decided to work on small paintings. First I added some touches to the odd people portraits, and I think I’ve got them to a good place.

AD 2-23 #1009

Then I thought I’d try out an idea I had just today. I photograph mannikins in store windows here and there (I have a love for them dating back to childhood) and I thought I’d try some mannikin portraits.

I am not interested in clothes as a buyer, really, but I love the patterns and shapes clothing makes – not just the fabrics but by how the clothes hang and the shapes of the outfits. I picked out some “models”.

AD 2-23 #2008

I chose 5″ x 7″ Claybords, as I’ve mentioned earlier this week that I have a stash of them.

AD 2-23 #3006

By now it was four PM and that means – turn on the radio. I listen to a program called “Funky Friday” on WXPN Philadelphia on Fridays. I love funk, even though what I know about it would fit in a thimble. Tune in next Friday and try some artwork production to the beat of this music – I feel sure you’ll like the results.

AD 2-23 #6004

OK, back to the art. Here’s the progress.

I think I’m getting there. Could this be the beginning of a sideline in fashion illustration? Hmmmmm? I’ll do more work on these another day. I have a load of brushes to wash up.

AD 2-23 #9002

Last but not least, I’d like to mention Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, who nominated me for an award. I don’t do awards, but I appreciate being thought of, and I wanted to say thank you. I enjoy this blog very much (I always come away with a smile).

Thank you for your faith in my work!

See you next week! Thanks for following along with me.

Art Diary 2018 – Week Ending February 9

Art Diary. A weekly wrap-up of art activities. For earlier posts, search under the category Art Diary.

Here is another week of art.

Saturday, February 3 – I decided to get to work on the large painting whose board I prepared last week. I have no idea what I want to be painting but I’ll get started anyway.

My first step is always to cover up the white gessoed surface with color. Any kind of color. Just get rid of the white.

Since this board was so large I got out my baby roller and put some paint on. The tool is cheap and I don’t worry about cleaning it much when I am done. Eventually I just throw it away. I don’t use it a lot but today it seemed right. I amused myself by rolling paint this way and that.

I got down to using some brushes and by the end of the afternoon I had some kind of coverage. That was good and enough for today. What I am doing I still don’t know.

AD 2-3-18 #3003

I also got out the bubble wrap to start pricing and wrapping tiles. I will do this while watching TV over the next few days. it’s a boring job but necessary.

AD 2-4-18 #1006

Sunday, February 4 – More painting today. I seem to have some kind of ideas. I am not sure what it all means. Anyway, things progress and that is how I do things – kind of feel my way along.

Monday, February 5 – I worked on the large painting in two shortish sessions, one in the morning and then in the afternoon – I had to split my time because I had several things I had to do out in the world. I prefer to work in one session a day, but…Things continue to move along. The painting clearly has a theme now. I am at the stage where I think I need to let it sit for a few days.

At the end of the morning:

AD 2-5-18 #1005

and at the end of the day:

AD 2-5-18 #2004

A couple of detail areas:

and a view of some very tired-out tubes of paint. You can’t see the brushes but they are dearly wanting a bath.

AD 2-5-18 #5001

Tuesday, February 6 – More work on the large painting. The progress of this image is going along in the way most of my paintings do – there is a lot of taking a stab at something and seeing if it works out. And once one thing is changed, it upsets the balance of the rest of the painting, and so other changes must be made. Something this large and with such an undefined finish (because I am painting something imaginary and not looking at a reference photo or drawing)could go on forever and if I don’t get hold of myself, it will. I think I’m getting close, though (or I am getting tired of it, which is also one way I decide when a painting is done!).

AD 2-6001

It is inevitable that parts of the painting I like have to be crossed out for the good of the whole. There is certainly struggle going on here, and an awful lot of paint. I wonder how many layers, and then I decide to think about something else.

Wednesday, February 7 – I’m tired out on the painting. Here is is as it is today, with a little more work. I’m going to let it rest for a while now. It’s time to see how it holds up with some distance.

AD 2-7-18 #1001

I got the tiles priced and wrapped and ready to be stored until May, when I take them to the Moravian Tile Festival. I did this task with the help of my cat Martok and Ben Matlock of the Matlock TV show.

Friday, February 9 – I’ve spent most of the week on the big painting. I had time to do some paper dolls while watching TV, though. Here they are.

And lastly, I’d like to thank Alanna Pass for nominating me for a Liebster Award. I don’t do awards, but I appreciate being complimented in this way and I wanted to say thank you and mention the blog.

More art next week!

Art Diary 2018 – Week Ending February 2

Art Diary. A weekly wrap-up of art activities. For earlier posts, search under the category Art Diary.

Here we embark on a new week and new art.

Saturday, January 27 – I opened the kiln. Everything came out fine. Always a relief. Compare the before and after shots. The tiles are more brilliant in their fired state.

Also, on Friday night as I was cleaning up, I took all my collage scraps and quickly and randomly glued them on to postcard-sized recycled cardboard. No thinking, just slapping on the acrylic medium and sticking on the papers. It looked like this:

On Saturday I trimmed them. I will use these later in a project of some kind.

AD 1-27 #4001

Sunday, January 28 – My husband and I took a walk in the mall before it opened. The weather was cold and rainy so we wanted to be inside for some exercise. I took a lot of photos of the store windows – I like reflections. Here are a couple of shots featuring shoes.

Monday, January 29 – I rearranged my schedule a little, as it looks like snow tomorrow, but I had some time to work on paintings and clay.

First. Paintings. I have three 6″x6″ boards to work on and two 8″x10″. I laid them out on my table.
AD 1-29 #1012

I like to work in groups, you know that. I decided the small pieces would feature animals and that I’d do the other two as different floors in a house. I just started in and got going. Here are the small paintings.

I’m going to have to wait and see how they develop, the animals, I mean. I feel a little out of my depth here, I don’t think I’ve done anything like this before.

The rooms are more inside my comfort zone. They will need a lot more work, too, though.

End of the painting day. I’m not sure I’ll keep the eyes on the animals or not. Or if I need to add some ink or crayon, maybe. I did like their blank faces. We will see.

AD 1-29 #12001

I spent a little time with clay as well. I have an idea to make a lot of  @ 2″x 2″ tiles with designs in underglaze. A giant series. I have some white and some terracotta clay in bags with about 1/4 left in each, that would be about 5-6 pounds. Not that much.

I am making slabs; then I am going to cut the slabs all into little squares, fire them, and then put simple geometric designs or maybe tiny faces on them as a kind of low-thinking and mentally restful project. It will take a long time.

Today I cut the white clay. I rolled it out on my slab roller.

I transferred the slabs to my work table and cut them with a needle tool. I’ll let these dry and work on terracotta clay another day.

AD 1-29 #11002

Tuesday, January 30 – We had a little bit of snow today, enough for me to decide to stay home and catch up on lots of home things. I took the assortment of recently made tiles upstairs to my living room and wrote my name on the back of each one – a task that needs to be done but is not too exciting. I indulged in an episode of vintage TV Perry Mason to help me through it.

I don’t store the tiles long-term in this manner; I wrap them in bubble wrap as they can damage each other’s colors if they bang against each other. I’ll do that step after I price each tile – another day.

In the afternoon I checked on my clay work. The tiles I had cut yesterday were at a good stage – stiff enough to handle, but not so dry that they had become brittle. I needed to clean up the edges of each one. I used a round sponge and wiped around each tile, putting some force into it. Now they will not have sharp edges or look unfinished when fired.

AD 1-30 #3003

This work is also pretty tedious. I listened to an audio book; I do that quite often when I’m making art. Somehow in my head I can separate the art thoughts from the book thoughts. I do like a good thriller – that’s mostly what I listen to.

AD 1-30 #4002

I then went through the same cutting-out process with the terracotta clay. I try not to move the tiles too much; if they are bent in the wet stage, they “remember” that and want to go back to it when fired, even if they look flat when they enter the kiln. Small tiles like this, though, are usually not much of a problem. I kept some slabs just as they were cut out but some tiles had to move so as to allow me to do more work on the table. That’s why you see this arrangement.

AD 1-30 #5001

Wednesday, January 31 – I was out a lot of the day so much not art time happened. I did clean the edges of all the terracotta tiles I did yesterday. Now I will wait for all these tiles to dry. I like to give them a couple of weeks. You can tell the clay is ready for the kiln when it no longer feels cool to the touch – I use that test and then I wait a little bit longer…to be sure.

AD 1-31 #1002

I took a moment to look over those 6″ x 6″ animal paintings. I decided they needed some India ink. I gave them some faces and made a start on background work. Just enough to see that I liked it. Once I finish up with the ink, well, who knows what is next? I have come to understand that these creatures will figure out their own destiny and tell me, not the other way around.

AD 1-31 #2001

Friday, February 2 – I spent the afternoon finishing up some projects and starting new ones. First, the starting: I had a cradled masonite board in storage, 36″ x 24″, which is very large for me. I don’t make many paintings this size, but I sold two in these dimensions last year and so I just got the feeling of wanting to make another large one. I do not know what I will paint on it. Luckily, today all I had to do was prepare it.

I sanded the masonite surface (forgive the bad picture) to give the surface some tooth for the gesso to hang on to. Then – I gessoed it.

It spent the afternoon drying. I’ll get to work on it in the next week, I think.

I finished up the small animal paintings.

AD 2-2 #8005

I added India ink and crayon details.

Blots and irregularities are welcome.

Now I think these animal paintings are pretty much done. I also worked on the “home” paintings and I also feel they are close to being finished. I’ll let both of these sets of paintings come upstairs and sit in my living room for a few days to see what I think.

AD 2-2 #7006

And just for fun I made some paper dolls while watching TV at night this week. Haven’t done it for a while and I was glad to get back to them. I am sure there will be more of them soon.

Well, that’s it for this week. On to the next. Happy Art.

Newcomers #2

Here is the rest of the recent crop of paper dolls.

I make them from the same store of cardboard that I collect for postcards and ATC’s – cereal boxes, popsicle boxes, crackers, butter, cookies, you name it. I cut a person-sized rectangle (these people are all about 5-6″ tall) and create the figure (my source for body parts and clothing is currently back issues of Architectural Digest that my library so nicely saves for me). Then I cut out around the person and there you go – another personality added to our world, and so quickly and easily too.

Paperdolls 12-15 #4 small Paperdolls 12-15 #3 small Paperdolls 12-15 #2 small

Newcomers #1

During the Christmas holidays, we spent some time in front of the television watching old movies. I occupied my hands by adding to my paper doll collection. I do have quite a crowd of them now. Anyway, here’s a group you can meet.


I love watching how people interact. Sitting on the train, waiting in line at the grocery, walking along the sidewalk: people mix and mingle. Patterns emerge and break up and form with new elements. It’s never-ending and endlessly fascinating to me.

I took the paper dolls from the previous post and scanned them in randomly selected groups, set on the bed of the scanner with no thought to their arrangement. I just took what I got.

The results reminded me of all the little dramas, comedies, tragedies, and run-of-the-mill routine events that all of us go through as we pass along in life – there is interest in every single moment.

I think of these paper people as being out on a city street, running into friends, going out to lunch, avoiding unpleasant conversations, shopping, making plans…