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You may remember I got an inexpensive macro lens for my phone camera. I’ve been taking lots of photos. I have been excited to be able to close in on forms and shapes like these milkweed pods.

I took the photo in October at the Dixon Meadow Preserve in Flourtown, PA. If you want to see a full account of my visit to this peaceful place, visit the post at my personal blog at Sometimes You Get So Confused.

I Marvel

This painting was made in July, 2020. Acrylics, 20″ x 16″.

This year has made me value the outdoors more than ever. Gardens, backyards, trails, woods: all of them have been companions and calm places for me. That is what this painting is talking about – I marvel at the healing a day, even an hour, outside can do for me.

I Marvel 20 x 16 7-20

Solitude and Society in Nature


Clay tiles, Velvet underglazes , January, 2018, fired at cone 06.