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Moon Gazing

More from my unending series of art that features circles in the sky…

Artist trading cards, March, 2018.

That Big Round Ball in the Sky

A sun or moon in the sky is a favorite recurring theme of mine. Here are postcards from March 2018 that show you some more examples of sun or moon (even I don’t always know which is which, or maybe, both at the same time?)


Moon Moon Moon Moon

Well, here are some more moon tiles.

From December, 2017.

Trees Under the Sun (or is it a Moon?)

Here they are. You decide. Acrylics on wood board, October,

Relief Tiles – Cracks, Temperature

More tiles from the last kiln load. These are done in a relief style, with Velvet underglazes painted on and then washed off before the final firing.

And here is one black and white tile. I had a lot of trouble with this clay this time (it’s Standard 181). I dimly remember having problems with it last winter – a lot of warping and even worse, cracking. I lost more than half the white clay tiles I did this load because they cracked.

I think that the clay may be sensitive to drying too quickly. In the winter, my basement is warmer and drier because of the heater. In summer it’s very cool and damp. I did not have these problems with any of the work I did this summer. So…maybe that’s it? I’ll have to see.

Moon over the ocean.

Moon over the ocean.

Feet Square

These acrylic paintings are all done on 12″x12″ 3/8″ boards coated with a canvas-like gesso texture. One foot square and the plural being one feet square? Or one square foots? It’s a mystery to me.

Anyway, here they are. I painted these earlier in the fall, October, I believe.

Colorful Ladies

I’m going to show a lot of clay in the next week or so. I’ve been working on quite a few different themes recently and have gotten the items all to their finished states and ready to be seen. So – I’ll start with these figurines.

They are done in terracotta clay, fired at cone 05. I used Velvet underglazes for their colors and applied them when the clay was still damp enough to scrape into – you can see the incised lines and the red of the clay showing through. Each one is about 6-7 inches tall.

I decided to leave their faces without any embellishment. The clay is light enough to see their features and it makes a good contrast to the busyness of their dresses.

As I have been doing with all the large figurines I’ve been making lately, I have given each a motif to carry in her hands. I choose images that mean something to me and maybe to anyone who sees the figures. You may wonder about the time I chose for the lady carrying the clock. I’ve made figures with clocks before, with different times depicted. This one is very special to me – it’s the time my son was born more than 26 years ago!

I like the colorful nature of these figures. I hope to make more of them.

More Little Visions

A friend gave me some small panels she didn’t want to use. I like to work with these little ones myself, so I was very appreciative of the gift. Here’s what I did with them.

A mail art friend recently send me a painting she did on a similar-sized panel – she just put a note, my address, and postage on the other side and sent it through the mail that way. Wow! It was something special to open my mailbox and find a painting in there. I’m thinking of trying that idea myself – I do have quite a few 6″ x 6″ panels in my inventory.

Anyway, back to the little paintings.

Pen and Paper and Then See What Happens

Here are some Artist Trading Cards – the drawings were made in late 2013 and then I decided to paste them on to ATC-sized backgrounds not too long ago.

What’s the story here? Well, I bought several pens with waterproof ink to try out last year. And I had a tiny drawing pad, just the size of an ATC, that I bought for some reason and then didn’t use. I started to make drawings in this little pad using my new pens (all of which worked well and I can’t choose a favorite…).

Once the pad was used up, I thought it would be fun to color the drawings. I used watered-down acrylics and did a simple wash using only a few colors in each one.

A pile of colorful little images resulted – and once I got back to doing art after my last hand surgery, I thought they’d make nice ATCs. And they did!

So here is a selection. I have some more that I haven’t glued to cardboard yet, so maybe there will be more from this project later on.

Also, I bought another of those little drawing pads, so who knows…