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After three years…

Yesterday, August 27, 2022, I participated in the Lansdale Festival of the Arts in Lansdale, PA. It’s the first show I’ve done since the pandemic started and it’s three years since I was last at this location in August, 2019. The show was canceled in 2020 for the pandemic and last year for bad weather, so we were happy to have a hot sunny day for this year’s date.

I’ve pretty much stopped doing shows, and I don’t know when I’ll be at another one. So I’ll tell you a little about it.

As background, I have a long history at this show – I think I first attended it in 1996, maybe. It’s held in a park and is a well-run easy-going event, always one of my favorite places to exhibit.

Friday night we packed up the car. Since I am not doing shows regularly, we had gotten rid of our old big car and found a new car since our last outing, and it’s much smaller. It took us some time to pack up this new car, Jen McGill her name is, and get her ready to take us to the show.

A bit squeezed in, we arrived at the park about 7:45 AM and were directed to Space 31.

First thing, get the tent set up. And then the racks, and unload the artwork from the car.

Next, put the covers on the racks. Start arranging the artwork. Set up the table for small works. Then clear off the chairs so we can sit down and we’re all done.

Here is a view of the various panels in the display. It’s always a challenge to put the art in places so that each piece looks well and fits in with its surrounding pieces. Sometimes this is hard with the variety of colors and patterns I fill each piece with – I don’t want people to have trouble picking individual pieces out of the crowd.

Once settled in the day went well. I felt as if I had never been away from the show world. It helped that the setting and many of the exhibitors were familiar to me, as well as the show organizers.

By chance I posted this piece yesterday:

I displayed it at this show, as you can see in the above photos. And guess what, it won third prize in my category, Acrylics, Oil, and Mixed Media. That was a nice surprise.

Well, that’s about it for the show. We had a nice day, a lot of pleasant conversations, made some sales, and managed to re-pack Jen McGill and fit ourselves into our spaces for the trip home. Once we got home and unpacked, we settled down for our traditional after-show dinner, pizza.

Thank you to everyone at the Lansdale Festival of the Arts who made this show possible.

Lansdale Festival of the Arts Next Saturday, August 24

It’s time for that end of summer favorite show, Lansdale Festival of the Arts.

This event is dear to my heart – I’ve been participating for about 25 years and I love to return to the show each August. It’s held in a lovely shady park and the assortment of artists is high-quality. Something will grab your attention!

If you are in the area, stop by and enjoy a nice way to spend a late-summer day. The poster below gives the information as to time and location. I’ll be showing my acrylic paintings.

Lansdale flyer small

Art Diary 2018 – Week Ending August 31


Art Diary. A weekly wrap-up of art activities. For earlier posts, search under the category Art Diary.

Art. Art. Art!

Saturday, August 25 – We spent the day at the Lansdale Festival of the Arts. This is one of the first shows I did when I began my art career, and though it has grown a lot over time, it is still run by the same people in the local parks and rec department, and it is still one of the nicest shows to do that I know.

Weather was absolutely wonderful – clear skies and moderate temperatures. We arrived a little before 8 AM and got into line for receiving our spot – this show has the practice of filling the park as exhibitors arrive. You wait in your car in line for a little while, and then you are shown to your spot, and you get to work setting up – no traffic jams or disturbing near-misses by cars trying to get to an interior location when everyone else has already begun setting up.

I’ll skip the set up shots, because if you’ve seen one set-up (and you have, think back to earlier shows) you’ve pretty much seen them all. Here is my booth when done, with my husband providing scale:

AD 8-25 #208

And here is the interior.

You may remember from last week’s Diary how agitated I was about the amount and type of work I was showing. The vast majority of my paintings are at another exhibit, and I hadn’t thought about how the scheduling would work out for this show. What I had on hand: two large paintings I don’t show much plus three other medium sized ones; a variety of smaller ones that could hang on the walls; and a box full of miscellaneous flat unframed (but on board or masonite) items.

I was pleasantly surprised at how it all worked out in the display. And as far as customer response and sales, ditto. I got some valuable information from this show to aid me in making decisions on how I want to steer the next period of my art making/selling career. I’m trying to decide what kind of work I want to make, and how much, especially given that I already have such a lot of work done right now in the sizes and shapes that I have traditionally thought of as show-worthy.

This event taught me that I can have a different array of work to offer than I had thought, and I am glad about that, because I am more interested in working in smaller sized pieces as part of a series and/or really large things. This medium range I’ve done for so long, I’m less interested in. Hmmm…I see possiblities more clearly now. Interesting.

And guess what. Do you see those green tags under a couple of pieces of my work?

AD 8-25 #109

This show gives out prizes, and the way they do it, you mark the two pieces you want to enter. I figured, the large one, why not? and then the face one next to it, simply because it looked nice with the other one. Well, here’s the result.

AD 8-25 #1001

Third prize in my category, Oils, Acrylics, and Mixed Media. Now that was really a surprise. I had not thought I had a chance, with so few bigger items in my booth (even though you choose two pieces, the judges generally tend to look at all your work, and I am sure it influences them).

So I was thrilled. A really nice day all around. And here are a few shots of the show in action, to round out today’s information.

Sunday, August 26 – I gave these small cylinder people and puff people some black underglaze in preparation for color patterns. Here they are, naked.

AD 8-26 (3)

And here, with the black.

Monday, August 27 – Secret project.

AD 8-27 #102

AD 8-27 #101

Tuesday, August 28 – I spent some time in the beautifully cool basement (we are having a late summer heat wave, that’s why I mention it) working on coloring puff and baby cylinder people.

Wednesday, August 29 – More clay time. I worked on cylinder people today.

I am planning to work on two at a time. That’s a good number for getting both fully done in an afternoon, more or less.

I also did some faces on clay scrap tiles. These are the kind of thing I leave around the world in art drop-offs. (I usually chronicle my art drop-off activities on my blog Sometimes You Get So Confused – go there and search the category Art Drops In).

AD 8-29 c06

After I finished with the clay, I decided to work on an updo of some small paintings I did a while back. I decided to transform them into my sort of cartoony style. As they were, I felt they looked a little bla.

So here is where I got to with them on this day. I’ll post better pictures of them in their own post pretty soon.

AD 8-29 d05

Friday, August 31 – This afternoon I will be picking up my paintings and clay work from the gallery exhibit that I had July through August. I’ll post information about that trip for next week. Otherwise, I’m getting ready to do a big meeting with myself about what I’ve got going, art-wise, and see if I can’t work up a list to re-orient myself and prioritize.

Every so often I go through this process, for art and for poetry, and I find it really helpful. To start things off, I cleaned up my work area in the studio and arranged the current odds and ends so that I can see them. I do better when I have tangible items to view and then can make a list much more easily.

AD 8-31 #9 01

This assortment is not everything going on, but it’s the ones I’ve got going right now. I’ll show you photos and make comments.

And here are some more ideas…I’ve been saving rejects and odds and ends of scrap paper in a box. I have accumulated a lot of it and I want to start making some postcards/ATC’s with all these items.

This spattered notebook page represents the page facing an image in my current Large Sketchbook. I have finished all the pages in this book and this was the last one to be spattered. Now my next move is to write poems or stories or whatever to go with the images and insert them in the book. This will take some time and will be part of my Poetry Marathon work.

AD 8-31 #208

I also plan to review my paintings when I get them home from the exhibit and decide how I want to invest my painting time this winter (as I mentioned my thoughts earlier in this posts, when I discussed the art show last weekend).

And I have ongoing clay work to do. I need to make a separate list of projects there, but I know it will include tiles, pictorial, abstract, and sgraffito; I also want to think about some sculptures, too.

AD 8-28 #104 (3)

Puffs from the front…

I plan to put some time in this weekend in doing this work. Now it is time for me to load the car with boxes and bags to bring home my paintings!

OK, that’s it for this week! Thank you for coming along with me.

Lansdale Festival of the Arts, next Saturday, August 25

This end-of-summer show is a long-running event and it’s one the very first shows I did when I started to sell my work. I am always pleased when this event comes around.

2018 - LFA FLYER

It’s held in Memorial Park just outside downtown Lansdale, PA, and runs from 10 AM – 4 PM. Beautiful location and some of the nicest show organizers ever. Stop by if you are in the area and say hello to me!

Wrap-up: Lansdale Festival of the Arts

We participated in this show on Saturday, August 26. I’ve done this show for two decades and it has been held in Memorial Park under the trees for the past 29 years. It’s a short drive, about 25 minutes, from our house.

I feel at home in this show. It was one of the first ones I did when I started in my art career. The same people run it as did back then; they are unfailingly pleasant, helpful, and genuinely love the show and their work.

The event is naturally popular, then, and they get a nice group of artists showing 2D and 3D art.

Plus, it’s a Lansdale tradition to have free doughnuts and coffee for the artists, to keep us going as we set up. Here is a photo. It is dedicated to my friend Diane, who has moved out of state but did the show with me in the past.

We arrived a little before 8 AM. Now, this show has a different way of assigning spaces – the cars line up and are given a space in the order they arrive; the park fills up in an orderly way. We used to worry about getting a “good” spot and arriving very early. Now, we have realized every spot in the park is “good” and we just show up when we show up.

Here, we’ve dropped off the equipment and art at the spot, #79. The green cone (you can barely see ours peeking over the stack of wrapped art) goes in the middle of the space. You can see we get a lot of room. Another great thing about this show.

We did our usual routine and got the booth put together. The pink tags designate the pieces that I have chosen for the judge to view. No prize this year, but I did get nice comments and encouragement. That matters, believe me.

Set-up time is focused and not social.

Once everything is done, there is time to talk. My husband is the man in the pale blue shirt, talking to a neighbor artist.

Then, things get started. It’s quiet at first:

Later in the day, it was crowded. We had a nice number of people in the park.

Sales were decent and the weather was superlative. I also had the chance to catch up with some art friends, including one man I haven’t seen in a couple of years – our schedules just haven’t coincided.

All in all, it was a perfect festival day. Thank you, Lansdale Festival of the Arts!

Lansdale Festival of the Arts 2016 – Only the Good…

…because there is no bad or ugly!

The fair was held in a park in Lansdale, a town about 20 minutes from home. It’s a town with a distinct identity, now surrounded by new retail and housing, but I can remember a time when it was set in the middle of fields all on its own. There is still a very strong local feeling, though, and this long-running festival is put on by the Parks and Recreation Department as part of town pride. It also coincides with the Founders’ Day, held in the center of town a few blocks away, so there is a good crowd attracted to both events.

I have done this show for 20 years and it is a favorite for a lot of reasons – location, pleasant crowd, a feeling of welcome from the show organizers, and the familiar faces of exhibitors and friends I see here each year.

Each show has its own routines. This one starts with the space assignment procedure. Unlike many shows, you get your space according to when you arrive on site; this helps with traffic flow in getting a lot of cars in the park at one time. People arrive early and line up along the street. We used to do this, too, and then we realized a few years ago that it didn’t matter – there is not a bad space in the show. So we arrived about 8 AM (the show started at 10 AM) and we breezed right in – no waiting. Joanne from Parks and Rec met us at the check-in point, as she has done for as long as I remember, and we were directed to space 49. We unloaded the car and took it away.

Lansdale 8-16 -1- small

Then we got to work setting up. There are a lot of stages, and maybe someday I’ll photo them in more detail but – I just forgot this time.

Here’s a look at the location of our booth and its surroundings.

We settled in for the day. My husband got his complimentary cup of coffee but we passed on the doughnuts – both hospitality features from the show organizers. Much appreciated.

I visited with some art friends before the day got busy (a shout-out to Mindy and Carl). Then our friend John G. came by and spent a good bit of the day with us – we have plenty of room for visitors and we bring an extra chair in case anyone stops by. If more than one person comes, well, someone will be sitting on the cooler, maybe.

The day was very hot and sunny.

The park is called Memorial Park and commemorates war veterans. There are a couple of cannons in the park and kids climb on them all day. I remember my son doing so when we used to bring him with us, when he was a small boy. I took a picture of this cannon with a man looking it over – I don’t think he was wanting to climb on it! Instead, he was quiet, just thinking his own thoughts.

Lansdale 8-16 -12- small

This show, in addition to being juried for entry, also features cash prizes. The exhibitor chooses two pieces to be judged and marks them; prizes are then awarded from these selections.

This show has always had a good level of art and craft, tribute to the initial jurying process. It is better for all exhibitors if the quality of participants is uniform and high, I think; anyway, for me, it’s hard to sell paintings if the other booths feature poor-quality work.

The show organizers have also always found good judges for the prize awards – meaning the judge has well-recognized credentials or affiliations, and – this is important – takes the time to really study the works. Each artist gets a knowledgable look-over. This is not always the case, as my experiences over the years have shown me! And we exhibitors appreciate it.

It sounds self-serving to have written this bit, as I won second prize in my category. But I wanted to differentiate this show from others that give awards – I feel I have accomplished something, winning here, and I am grateful. And even if I hadn’t won anything, I felt my work was given a fair look, which means more than you’d think.

Lansdale 8-16 -9- small

Well, by the end of the afternoon we were hot and tired and ready to go home. I sold several pieces, and I had some interesting conversations (including a delightful one with a fellow cat-lover about our respective cats). I always mean to take a few packing-up pictures, but I’m thinking more about going home at this point, and I just don’t get to it.

The festivities were not over when the show was – fireworks were planned on the adjacent ball field that night. We didn’t stay, but they expected a big crowd.

Looking forward to next year in Lansdale.

Lansdale Festival of the Arts – Next Saturday, August 27

I’ll be at this show next Saturday. Here’s a photo from last year. It’s a great show for a lot of reasons: a variety of good quality art and crafts, great location in a shady park, music and kid events, and an easy to get to location. If you’re in the area, it’s a nice spot to spend some time, and I’d be very glad to see you.

I love this show – it is one of the first events I did when I started doing art fairs – about 20 years ago, now. If you want to read about last year’s experience, look here. My booth is on the right, with the table sporting a pale cover in front of it.

The show takes place 10 AM – 4 PM, in Memorial Park, 300 E. Main Street (Rt. 63), Lansdale, PA.  (Link to the official site.)


A Very Nice Day

Yesterday I participated in an art show in a park not too far from home, Memorial Park in Lansdale, PA. This show is a long-running event and I’ve been in it, though not every year, for about 20 years. I’ve shown fabric, collage, and now paintings for the last couple of years.

Lansdale 8-15 #1 small

This event is special to me because it was one of the first shows I did when I got started, and it’s also the place where I won my first award, also about twenty years ago. I got third place for a fabric wall hanging, and when the ribbon was presented to me I broke down in tears. To me, that award meant I was really an artist, that I belonged.

This year, we had a beautiful sunny day, warm and breezy. A great crowd attended.

It was a day for seeing people. I caught up with several friends who were exhibiting. My friend John came to see us and sat with us for most of the afternoon.

A little boy, about ten years old, stopped in with his mother; she said he insisted on seeing my work, and he told me he wanted to be an artist himself. I gave him one of my little paintings and they said it was his first original piece, so I started off his art collection! (I got an email from him later that night thanking me and sending me an image of one of his paintings.) What a nice day for me.

To top it off, I won Best of Show. A surprise for me and exciting. I did not cry this time, but I certainly was very happy. Thank you, Lansdale Festival of the Arts!