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Large Potheads #1

Excuse the title, but that what we call them. Because they are pots, and because they are heads.

I’ve got some new items I’ve been making to show you – potheads. I have some large ones and some baby ones. I decided to make them because I wanted an item that was functional, to some extent, and yet fun for me to make.

So I arrived at the concept of potheads. Basically, they are hand-built vessels. I take a slab of clay, wrap it around a base, give it a face, and glaze its interior. Let me show you the first two.

This guy is about 9 inches tall or so. Terracotta clay, fired at cone 06. Exterior colored with Velvet underglaze Jet Black in a wash-off technique.

Here is its interior.

As you can see, it’s glazed, rather than just having an underglaze color applied. By doing this the vessel can hold water. I used these glazes for the interiors of all potheads:

I learned about this product at a visit to the Ceramic Shop in Norristown, PA, not that long ago – they were having their sale day and the Amaco rep was there. I asked for some information about a good product for my purposes and came away with two colors of this glaze. It’s called Teacher’s Palette and is designed for low-fire applications such as I do. (The item numbers all start with TP, as you see on the label, and I keep wanting to call the series “Teacher’s Pet”).

Here is another pothead. White lowfire clay, all materials and firing details the same as the one above.

An Almost Wordless Walk Through a Day at an Art Fair

Last Sunday, June 30, we spent the day at Newtown Welcome Day, Newtown, PA. I took my clay work. Here’s a series of photos from the day that chronicle how things look from my set up at a street fair from the start of the event (three hours before start, in our car waiting to get onto the cleared street to set up) to when the fair is in full swing.

Take a look. I hope to give you a feel for what a day on the street selling art entails.


The booth is ready for customers.

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The street fills with people.

I sit behind my display and watch the traffic in the street.

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More Baby Cylinder People

Here is another set of baby cylinder people. They are made from low-fire white clay and colored with Velvet underglazes. Take a look at these portraits first.



I’ll remind you how I color these figurines. After they have been fired once and are durable, I paint their faces with Velvet underglaze Jet Black. I then take a wet cloth and scrub at the black; it comes away from the raised sections and stays in the crevices. It also stains the white clay a pale black/gray. It depends on how hard I scrub as to how much color remains.

To make their colorful outfits, I cover the entire figure (except faces) with Jet Black. Then I paint other underglaze colors on top, letting the black show. After I’m finished, they are fired again and all the colors are permanent.

OK, now you know their secrets!

These figures were done in February 2019, fired at cone 06.


Hello, Said the Baby Cylinder People

Here are some individual portraits of baby cylinder people made in February 2019.

Terra cotta clay, fired at cone 06, colored with Velvet underglazes. Each one is 4″ tall, more or less.

Baby Cylinder People Greet You

Group portrait!

Terra cotta clay, fired at cone 06, colored with Velvet underglazes. They are all 4″ tall, more or less. Made in February 2019.

Puff People on the March

I recently finished this group of puff people. Some are tiny, no taller than my thumb, others a little bigger, but none of them take up much space.

They were made in February 2019, terracotta clay fired at cone 06, colored with Velvet underglazes.

Puff People group 2-194

They have patterns on their backs, too. I could paint patterns like this all day long.

Here are a couple of individual portraits.

Figurine Giveaway

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