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Random Faces

I drew these little faces on the paint color squares of a paint brochure in February 2020. I then cut the brochure apart. Now I have a little collection of faces. I am sure they will show up somewhere in some new context in the future…

Potheads in Progress and Finished

I made a group of pothead vessels for my friend John G. He’s got some plans for them involving plants, and I know the potheads will be happy, because John has a green thumb.

Here they are in progress, just formed:

and finished – a couple of views.

And the others:

Clay figurine vessels John G 10-19 Group 2 view 13

Baby Potheads

Excuse the title, but that what we call them. Because they are pots, and because they are heads.

Now I’ll show you the baby versions of this category. They are about 2″ tall or so, and about the same in width. I used white low-fire or terracotta clay and colored their exteriors with Velvet underglaze Jet Black in a wash-off technique.

The interiors are done with Amaco Teacher’s Palette glazes – this makes them able to hold water, if anyone wanted to fill them with it. They were fired at cone 06. I made these in June 2019, as I did with the large potheads.

And, unlike the large potheads, I decorated the back sides of these little pots with various colors, using Velvet underglazes.


Previous pothead post – look here.

Large Potheads #2

Excuse the title, but that what we call them. Because they are pots, and because they are heads.

Here are two more large potheads. Both are fired at cone 06, using Velvet underglazes color Jet Black on the exterior in a wash-off technique, and Amaco Teacher’s Palette glazes for the interiors. Both are about 8-9″ inches tall. Made in June 2019.

This one is done in terracotta clay.

You can see I glazed the interior in the green color – it looks like this (like this photo from the previous post):

And here is the one done in white clay:

Its interior is done in the blue glaze (like this photo from the previous post):

You may notice I have made the faces so that they are full of asymmetry – even the eyes don’t match. I used a variety of shapes to get this effect, making sure there was sufficient changes in lines and textures for the underglaze to show them well. I thought this would give the faces more interest and expression.

Previous pothead post – look here.

Large Potheads #1

Excuse the title, but that what we call them. Because they are pots, and because they are heads.

I’ve got some new items I’ve been making to show you – potheads. I have some large ones and some baby ones. I decided to make them because I wanted an item that was functional, to some extent, and yet fun for me to make.

So I arrived at the concept of potheads. Basically, they are hand-built vessels. I take a slab of clay, wrap it around a base, give it a face, and glaze its interior. Let me show you the first two.

This guy is about 9 inches tall or so. Terracotta clay, fired at cone 06. Exterior colored with Velvet underglaze Jet Black in a wash-off technique.

Here is its interior.

As you can see, it’s glazed, rather than just having an underglaze color applied. By doing this the vessel can hold water. I used these glazes for the interiors of all potheads:

I learned about this product at a visit to the Ceramic Shop in Norristown, PA, not that long ago – they were having their sale day and the Amaco rep was there. I asked for some information about a good product for my purposes and came away with two colors of this glaze. It’s called Teacher’s Palette and is designed for low-fire applications such as I do. (The item numbers all start with TP, as you see on the label, and I keep wanting to call the series “Teacher’s Pet”).

Here is another pothead. White lowfire clay, all materials and firing details the same as the one above.

Paint Brochure Embellishment: Biography Time

You’ve seen these paint brochure artworks before, so I’ll say no more, other than to tell you that this one was done in July, 2018.

Oh, wait, I guess I need to explain a little bit what I was thinking. I decided that each paint name was that of a person; I added their titles and gave them each an occupation. Now it will make sense to you, I hope.

Take a look. Here is the whole thing:

And here is the left side:

and the right side.

Do You Remember the Ogre Babies?

Sure you do. Back in April, 2018, that’s when you first saw them.

I could never make myself think they were quite finished. In June, 2018, I took them out and worked on them some more. I added acrylic inks, India ink, crayon, and some oil pastels, plus I wrote on them.

Now they are finished. Here they are:

And for fun, each with its previous self.


Portrait Gallery

I did a lot of artist trading cards in February and March, 2018. Here is an assortment of portraits of people from my imagination. Take a walk along this little gallery and see if anyone looks like a person you’d like to meet?

Watery Environs

One person is in hot water. The other is trying to stay dry. Yes?

Clay tiles, 4″ x 4″, Velvet underglazes on commercially made terracotta tiles, January, 2018.