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House, Chair, Soccer Ball

Some of you may know I have a personal blog, Sometimes You Get So Confused, in which I chronicle everyday things I do, here and there. And you may also know that I like to walk or run (mostly walk, these days) trails, and that my area is rich in places to do that.

In June my husband and I walked the entire length of the Perkiomen Rail Trail twice (twice, because for each segment, you have to retrace your steps to go back to where you parked…). This project meant we walked 40 miles along a scenic creek, mostly in the woods, but we also went through a couple of county parks and some towns.

One of those places was Schwenksville, PA. The trail ran behind buildings for a mile or more and there was lots to see. (If you want to read the blog post I did on this section of trail, look here.)

This house was one of the places we saw along the way. I loved the house color in contrast with the orange chair, and the dappled sunlight patterns almost hid the presence of the soccer ball under the chair. I snapped the photo with my phone. It’s just a photo I think has some interest to it, and I love the colors.

Perkiomen trail 6-14-20 orange chair and blue house Schwenksville PA

It’s Not Just Exercise

I like to exercise. It’s good for my health, mental and physical. Plus I just like keeping on the move.

These tiles, done in January 2018, are a small themed group I did on some of the exercise activities I do in the course of my…exercising!

Clay tiles, Velvet underglaze on commercially made terracotta tiles, 4″ x 4″, fired at cone 06.

Getting the Hurt Leg Fixed, Chapter 3

More impressions of how things are going with my husband’s hurt leg – through art and poetry. New to the saga? Here is:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

This afternoon my husband made his first visit to the physical therapist. He’s doing well for the stage he is in – the incision is healing and he is stronger. But it is still too soon for him even to touch his left foot to the ground and the leg is locked straight in the brace. I am nervous about taking him outside; today is the first day he’s even been downstairs after the surgery a week ago.

I loaded him into the car (sitting sideways on the back seat) and headed for the PT office – one mile from home. Fantastic! It’s a nondescript place in a shopping center – utilitarian and plain, but my husband was very happy with the session.

I drew a couple of sketches while I was waiting for him. I was using my 8″ x 8″ sketchbook. First, here is my view (from the waiting area)¬†of the jumble of equipment and other PT accoutrements:


Then I did a couple of smaller scenes – one of a lady on a treadmill and another of coats hanging on the rack. These two I put on the same page, not wanting to waste paper – here is the whole page:


and here is the treadmill lady alone:


and the coats alone.


Once again, I found putting pen to paper helped me stay calm (I am afraid I will break my husband if I am not really careful, so I feel the responsibility of taking him out of the house!). And it also helped the time pass. Plus, every drawing improves my skills.

Lastly, I am continually amazed at how sketching forces me to notice details. There is always a little more to see, if you keep looking.