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More Dixon Meadow Preserve in the snow

You may remember the sequence of photos I showed you not long ago from this location. I have another set here. This group shows another view of the preserve from a road running at right angles to the previous one.

My husband was driving and I pointed the phone camera out the passenger side window to get these shots. I took random snaps and here is what I ended up with.

This group of photos is in the order they were taken, as the car passed along.

And this group shows you the panorama that you would see if you were standing across the road and looking at the preserve.

I think this is a nice group of pictures. Very wintry!

Dixon Meadow Preserve in the snow

Here is a sequence I made at the end of February 2021 along the fence at the Dixon Meadow Preserve near us.

My husband was driving the car and I snapped the series from the passenger seat, through the window. No aiming, just clicking and clicking as we moved along.

I’ll show the sequence to you in two ways.

First, I have arranged the individual photos in the order I took them.

Next, here are the photos as they would appear in a panorama. Remember, the last photo I took is the first one on the left, if you are looking at the scene. I’ve made them tiny so that all of them can fit together in one line. I think it makes a nice set of pictures.