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Low Sun and Van in December

I took this photo of a forgettable scene, but I do like the way the sun fills the sky. And how that contrail mimics the electric line’s swoop across the sky. And then I noticed the crisscrossing contrails against the original one I saw. I also like the glow of the sun on the road. And the silhouette quality of the elements in the photo picked out by the sun. And last, those strong heavy wires at the top of the photo.

I guess there is a lot to see in this picture after all, maybe?

Ridge Pike, Conshohocken, PA, 12/19.

Low Sun in December 12-27-19

Drawing With a Pen #8

Both of these are drawn from photos taken in Conshohocken, PA, in July. My husband and I took a walk on the trail here as part of the Montco Trail Challenge – and this town is special to me as the site of my first job after college. Take look here to see photos and a full description of our day here, if you’d like.