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Cars – Drawings

Here are some more drawings from my TV time sketchbook. This time the theme is cars, or maybe better said, places where cars are or where cars go.

You know I like to draw cars. Now you know I also like buses.

The photos are from Glenside, Wyncote, and Abington, PA, none of them from that long ago. These locations still look the same right now.

And here is the page from my sketchbook: It’s an 8″ x 8″ sheet I am drawing on.

Drawings - Cars 8x8 4-2001

Parking Lots

I’ve been doing some sketching as I watch TV at night. You know my habit – settle on the sofa, tune in a mildly interesting show, and draw.

Anyway, I’ve been grouping the photos by theme – the images are taken from shots I’ve snapped over a few years. I look in my files and see what is there, and print them out to take to the sofa with me.

This group depicts parking lots. I did it about a week ago.

I realize the little scenes are crammed on to the page. For some reason I like that feeling, that look. I’m working with a very fine-tipped pen and using small tiny strokes and lines. So the pictures need to be small and enclosed. I feel it suits me right now to work slowly. Tasks such as crosshatching, with which I am often impatient, seem very soothing right now.

Anyway, how about some parking lots? Here are the photos.

And here are the drawings. My sketchbook page is 8″ x 8″, by the way.

Parking Lot Sketches 3-25-20001

Drawing With a Pen #10

These scenes were drawn from photos I took and they are both from very close to home. The gas station is in Abington, PA, about 2 miles from me, and it’s where our car gets all her fuel when she is in town (as she mostly is – I don’t go far in my usual round).

The cars driving along the road are also done from a photo, York Road in Abington, PA, in front of the new Wawa gas station and market (if you are from around here, you know the one I’m talking about…)

I like depicting cars!

More Paintings from the Fall of 2015

Here are some more paintings from last fall. These are all 8″ x 10″, done in acrylics on board that I gessoed myself to a slightly rough texture.

Once again, each painting comes from some scene in my life – read the captions to find out more.

Having to Do With Driving

Here are a couple of acrylic paintings. They are 8″ x 8″, a size I really enjoy working in, and done on board prepared with gesso.

I like painting cars and I like painting roads. That’s all there is to it!

Remodeled #3

As I mentioned in previous posts, I reworked four 12″ x 12″ mixed media pieces – I’d started off as thinking of them as abstracts, and that’s how I did them. But – I just wasn’t satisfied, and I redid them with a bit more “reality” in them. Here is another one, “Traffic on a Rainy Day”. I picked it to show today because we are starting out on what promises to be a wet autumn day.