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For the Birds

I swear I drew this person with a bird on her shoulder having no idea I was doing so – on an insert from a carton of eggs, back in December, 2021.

I only realized it after I had finished and looked more closely at the scrap of paper I had picked up to draw on.

There is something to think about here – was I subconsciously influenced by the theme of the insert? The upside-down bird shapes above my own bird, did I notice them out of the corner of my eye? DId I read the word BIRD upside down as I drew, without knowing it?

Honestly, I grabbed this little piece of paper and did this drawing only to test out a new magnifier/lamp that I had recently purchased (By the way, it worked great and it’s really going to help me).

Inspiration and how the mind works and when the pen and hand get involved…oh, trying to figure it out is just…for the birds!

This Marvelous Bird

This painting has been in process for a very long time. Especially if you count the time it spent being a previous image, or in fact, a previous one to the previous.

Yes, this version is round three on this surface. Each time I painted something, didn’t like it, sanded it off and gessoed it, I thought, why does this keep happening?

Well, there is no answer to that question. I do think this is the last version. Mostly because I am tired out by this seemingly innocuous 24″ x 26″ cradled masonite board…

Anyway, here it is – This Marvelous Bird. Acrylics and some crayon, 24″ x 36″, May 2019.

This Marvelous Bird 5-19 24 x 36 small

What They Said

I imagined the situations for these two people, but you can certainly come up with your own stories, I think. In fact, I hope you do.

Artist trading cards, November, 2017.

Let’s Talk

Artist trading cards, various dates, collage.


Winter from the Kiln

Here are tiles just made this month, celebrating winter.

You may remember them from recent Art Diary posts – now they are finished and ready for you to see.

They are each 4″ x 4″, Velvet underglazes on commercially-made terracotta tiles, fired at cone 06, January, 2018.

Swirly Lines

Here are some artist trading cards I made in October. Each one incorporates swirly lines. Some of those lines I made myself and some came from the magazine photos I used in making these collaged cards.

Animals and More

Here are some clay tiles done in October, 2017.

The theme here is animals, insects, birds…

They All Include Handwriting

Here are three mail art postcards, all including handwriting, and all using up scraps of this or that.

This bird postcard was made by painting a background (including the blue blob I later turned into the bird) and pasting strips of handwriting practice paper around it.

Next, I covered my cardboard surface with scraps of handwriting practice paper and glued on a little drawing. Voila! Done.

This card featured a painted background, letters stenciled on, and then some paper scraps added. Plus some scribbling into the paint.

People, save your scraps. They are useful.