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Ink and Paint ATC Display

I made these artist trading cards using India ink and diluted acrylic paints. They depict objects found in my house.

From April 2020.

ATC’s from Leftovers

Sometimes you have a scrap of something you just know will come in handy, or is too good to let go of. It waits around until its turn comes. Here are a couple of examples.

This animal was originally just a random ink blob surrounding an odd-shaped white section (the head part). I immediately saw it as a head, but didn’t get around to doing anything with it until one night, the scrap fell out of my leftover box. I got out my pen and made him a body. Next stop – ATC.

ATC sheep-like animal 4-2001

This is a two for one leftover meal – the card was painted for another purpose but not used, and the legs were a try-out sketch for a bigger drawing. Put them together and here you have another ATC.

ATC legs on a red background 4-2002

ATC’s Featuring Drawings

Here are a couple of artist trading cards featuring line drawings, plus an item done on a library card, from April 2020. Take a look.

This one features a drawing I did on a scrap of paper and later affixed to a card, along with some other papers.

ATC small green and blue scene01


Here is a tiny drawing I did as a try-out for an illustration I did some time ago. It was on another piece of paper that I cut out and glued to the cardboard backing, plus taking the opportunity to add more detail to it.

ATC small house and car 4-2002


Here is a lugubrious fellow lurking. That’s pretty much all I know about him. Done in acrylic paints with pen-drawn features.

Library card befuddled man 4-2003

Puzzled Faces

Here are a couple of ATC’s I made as part of my teaching duties at my recent mixed media class. I created them as part of our session on mail art and other social art (art meant to share), so that they could be part of a trading session our class did.

Artist Trading Cards Speak

Here are some ATC’s from June 2018. I combined painted backgrounds, scraps of drawings I made here and there, and some words. I choose the words at random and I am always surprised to see what sense they make or what story they tell.

Field Hockey

I live across the street from our local high school. There are some playing fields right in front of our house. I often go over and watch the sports. One day I sketched a lot of little figures from a field hockey game.

Some time later I cut them out and put them on artist trading cards.

Seemed like a good time to post them because it’s field hockey season again…

Here they are!

Leftovers Can Be So Useful

These artist trading cards were made from failed postcards. I was drawing in India ink with the Chinese brush and things went wrong. I cut out the parts I liked, colored them, and now we have artist trading cards.

Made in March, 2018.

Moon Gazing

More from my unending series of art that features circles in the sky…

Artist trading cards, March, 2018.

Sometimes Accidents Happen and It’s a Good Thing

These artist trading cards came about by accident, or serendipity, as it may be.

The first one is what happened when acrylic ink was sloshed on a gessoed surface, and then scribbled on in India ink, when the cat shape appeared, to be delineated in white and black marker. There you go. From April, 2018.

ATC black cat 4-18001

Next, this bird man emerged from the shapes I saw in the painted background. March, 2018.

ATC bird man 3-18001

This cave horse was inspired by the underlying scribbles in the background and the fact that I just felt like making a horse. From March, 2018.

ATC Red Cave Horse 3-18004


Collage is all about combining bits of things that came from different sources into one image. I’ve been doing it for a long time and I love it.

These artist trading cards combine magazine pages and and print with people or items I’ve drawn in ink on another piece of paper and then inserted into the scene.

Made in March, 2018.