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Beauty in Ordinary Places…

… like a carwash!

I don’t like going through the carwash, so when I do, I take photos to distract myself. There are some beautiful sights to see, even as the thudding noises scare me and swishing and spraying water blasts are buffeting the car.

If you use your imagination, what do you see? Landscapes, clouds, sea monsters, large plants, a creature with glowing eyes? Think about that and not about what would happen if those large brushes reached inside the car…

I’m showing you the most interesting and to me, beautiful, shots here. If you want to see the whole trip, check it out here on my personal blog, Sometimes You Get So Confused.

Wavery but not uncertain

Not long ago I was waiting in the car. The rain was pelting down. Without the wipers to clear the windshield, the scene gradually dissolved into this beautiful image.

In real life it’s a row of nondescript buildings with electrical wires passing overhead. But on this day…a dreamscape.

Shapes that caught my eye

As I go through my day I see order and patterns in everything. Here are a couple of pictures to show you what I mean.

This photo is a close-up showing some kind of attachments mechanism on a trailer that’s somehow set on to the back of a vacant garage, aka former used car lot. I guess the appendage was stuck to the building for some reason or other way back when, but it still held on to its hopes of wandering away someday? (Glenside, PA)

This colorful array is the part of the underground mechanicals for a gas station/convenience store (Wawa, for those of you from my part of the world – I need say no more; for the rest of you, look here) – this being for the pumps section of the enterprise.

I took this photo some time back. This station is now up and running and all of this beautiful jumble is buried underground. I feel a little sad about that.

The moral of this story is – keep your eyes open. The world so often arranges itself into an artwork all on its own!

Me, The Ephemeral; Me, the Corporeal

I took this photo by mistake. I thought I wanted the image of my shadow. And yet it was just going to be another plain old photo of my shadow standing there on the asphalt.

When I saw that I had captured my actual feet, well, that made the photo into something worth looking at, I thought.

One more time! – serendipity has better ideas than I do.

Faded Flowers

I took these photos at Ott’s Exotic Plants large greenhouse in Schwenksville, PA, in September, 2022. The combination of colors of the fallen petals now decaying and the grid pattern of the shelf appealed to me.

I often think flowers are more interesting as they fade out of life than when they are robust blooms.

Reflecting on Today’s Scene

I’m very fond of mannequins and store windows and reflections and I take photos of them as I happen to see them and they call out to me. I love the haughty blank expressions they have; the mixture of real and unreal in these pictures is intriguing; and there are so many layers in the image, a collage in real life.

These were photographed in a store window in Bryn Mawr, PA, summer 2022.

Ongoing Fascination with Reflections in Store Windows

The title of this post says it all. Here are some photos I took in Bryn Mawr, PA, in April, 2022.

This first photo shows what looks to be a storage (?) area for the nearby hospital thrift shop. Maybe? Or else it’s someone’s treasure trove open to public view (with a member of the public photographing herself taking a photo as well).

Oh, dear, what a lot going on here.

The city with a chandelier for starlight, I think. Not needed right now in the daytime. But imagine how it would be to look up at the night sky and see this constellation all lit up!

All right, this one is not containing a reflection, but I liked the way the ancient Venetian blinds cut the window into sections. It’s the same shop as in the first photo, from a different window.

My favorite subjects ever – mannequins. I do so love a haughty figure staring disdainfully down at me, wearing chic clothes and a reflected view of the surroundings.

Keys in a Jar

A photo snapped with the macro lens attached to my phone. There was something mysterious about these keys (why are they trapped in a jar, for one thing?) and I like the color scheme.

Don’t know why, I just liked the look of this, so I am showing it to you.

These Are Not Art…But…?

I was out in my garage a while back, taking photos of some paintings (with the door open the light is pretty good for a photo). For some reason the idea struck me to take some photos of various garage scenes using the little macro lens for my phone camera.

I went around snapping pictures. Hey, look some are kind of interesting, I thought. And then I realized I was speaking the words of a blog friend of mine, Dave Whatt, and specifically, a feature he does called This is not art.

OK, maybe these are not art, not even great photos, but I think they are interesting. There is a certain abstract quality to them, a design they didn’t know they had, a pattern or a plan? I’m not being facetious, because I tend to think everything has a voice or meaning, if you listen or look.

So here is a different perspective, at least – Especially since we’re not usually walking around viewing things with macro-lens eyes to see them like this.

What are these scenes? From top to bottom –

  • Coiled orange outdoor extension cord
  • Detail of the top of a metal sawhorse covered with the remnants of past jobs
  • Pencil and ruled edge of a tool my husband uses in making birdhouses
  • Looking down at a pile of shavings left on the table from the above birdhouse-making project.

Well, that’s it!