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Figures appear

Here is something I like to do a lot – paint a random background and then see if I can make out any figures or objects in the colors.

Yes, indeed, in these two instances, there were people maybe too shy to emerge on their own, so I drew them out.


Postcards from January, 2022.

Textured Postcards

Here are a couple of postcards that if you could feel them rather than looking that their photos, you’d know that they have some dimensionality. I cut out paper with some thickness to it, as in the first one, or as in the second one, I scattered punch-outs from the little catch-thing on my hole puncher. Some of these circlets might have come from the first postcard, maybe?

These pieces were made in January 2022.

You don’t often think about how a postcard feels to handle it, do you? Maybe it’s something to think about more often when making mail art? Hmmm…..