What is Home? Two

As I am preparing for our move to a new house, here are more houses from my past work.

Home means something different to each person – we all have different physical locations, memories, structures for our homes – and yet I think it is one of the most important concepts there is in our society. I know that my home, not just my house, but my home, means everything to me.

More house portraits in fabric. If you want details of their construction, look here.

This house was in Maryland. I believe the buyer got in touch with me via my website and supplied the photos for me to work from. The bordering fabric was a nice rose pattern in peachy pink, which he requested. The hanging was to be a gift for his wife, I think.

This house was in Elkins Park, PA. It’s very washed out this miserable photo; in real life the house was stucco tan on the upper levels and I used a batik-like gray for the stone work. The buyer saw me at a local art fair. I did enjoy depicting the beam structure in the upper level.

This house was in Jeffersonville, PA. I’m not sure where I got the commission, but the buyer supplied the photos and had a couple of requests – the flowering trees in the yard, and could I include their dog? Yes, I could. I wish I had taken close-ups of the dog and the cat in the window as it looks like I did a pretty good job with them. I enjoyed doing this happy little house especially because the owners were so proud of it – it was their first house.

This house was in Lansdale, PA. I received the commission at a local art fair. It’s hard to see but the roof is a plaid fabric – I was very happy with how that turned out. As I did with other frame houses (see the Maryland house above) I made the siding out of individual folded strips of fabric which gave dimensionality to the facade.

I bought most of my fabrics at Granny’s Sewing Den in Glenside, PA, a shop owned by a mother-daughter team. I became good friends with them and even taught classes at the shop. This portrait was commissioned by the mother for her daughter. I took especial care with this one because of the personal connection and, as you may imagine, because the two women were so skilled, I didn’t want to disappoint! The daughter was thrilled with the result and I think it is one of my best efforts.

OK, that’s it for now. More later!

14 thoughts on “What is Home? Two

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    I recognize the architectural style of that last house! I imagine that all of the people who received these home portraits were thrilled with the results and treasure them.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I do feel everyone I made one for (with the one exception) really enjoyed seeing their home represented, and I always tried to find the personality of the house and bring it out. I did enjoy making these during this time of my life.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. As time went on I got better at making these as far as my sewing skills and I could do more detail. Also, as I think about it, my eye for detail became stronger.

  2. Michele

    More fun imaginatings that you created. I’ll bet the people treasure them and the memories. The fabric houses are way better than a photograph!!!!. I would live in the little house with the dog or the little house with the skis because there would be less cleaning and furniture to buy and I would like to wander around inside the other ones. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I always hoped people would enjoy imagining life in the houses I made. Or that it would bring back good memories. I’ve enjoyed revisiting these and thinking over the process of making them.

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