Mixed Media Warm-ups 3

Back in March, I took a short series of online classes called Mixed-Media Art Warmups through the Smithsonian with Marcie Wolf-Hubbard. You may remember her as the instructor for the Tiny House and Tiny Interiors classes I have taken. I really enjoy her classes, both for her instruction and for the sense of camaraderie with other Tiny House aficionados.

The idea of the class was to introduce and to work through various activities to get our creative mixed-media minds into action. The work we produced could be used for generating ideas or as the basis for a work to be added on/completed later.

Marcie gave us our prompt or theme, we quickly assembled our supplies, and we had between 8-10 minutes to work. After each one we discussed our efforts and then…on to another challenge!

It was a lot of fun. I liked the process of creating quickly and without stopping for self-judgement. Ideas flowed.

I’ll show you some of my results in a short series of posts. If I can remember the prompt (I was not good about keeping records matching art to prompt) I will mention it.

This image was a combination of a couple of prompts.

My start involved a challenge in which we were working with the color wheel, however we wanted to arrange it. Well, I went in a bit of a different direction. I decided to experiment with colors working together. I drew out a grid. Then, I took a random tube of paint and mixed a bit with another random color – putting it in the first grid.

Then I took a bit of the resulting color and added another color to it from a third tube of paint – putting it in the second grid.

I kept on in this way until I had this:

Next we did a prompt in which we used text. I worked on top of the grid and ended up with this (I worked on it after class to finish it):

The next challenge involved “looking inward”. The idea was to build in or out from a central point.

This challenge was “Build it and they will come”. The idea was to construct a building from collage elements. We had some extra time on this one, so I finished it in class.

Well, that’s it for the art I created in this class. We also learned some mixed-media techniques such as image transfer, we discussed glues and adhesives, and we used many different materials – good practice, and I was reminded of some items I don’t use as often as others. I had a lot of fun. Thank you to Marcie and my fellow classmates!

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  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    I really like the layering techniques you worked on in this class. It strikes me that all of them involve accessible starts that combat that creative blocking of the blank page.

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