Tiny Drawings from the end of 2022

Here is another paint brochure embellishment experience (as I am calling it today). It’s a simple process: I look at the paint name and I draw something that fits it, as best I can. I did this set in December, 2022. This time I was using grays into blacks for my color scheme.

You know something, I first made one of these brochure drawing sets in 2015. Look here if you want to see it, and search this blog under the term “brochure” to see others.

Since that time, I’ve returned to the form again and again. It is relaxing to do this activity. Try it yourself.

And, I need to say, this idea was not original with me. I credit my blog friend A Certain Line with it, and here is the post that started me off on this path. I’m grateful every time I do another one of these sets.

11 thoughts on “Tiny Drawings from the end of 2022

  1. Diane

    That’s it! I need to get to Lowes or someplace and get some of these!!! I think I told you I actually had a job stocking these things once. If only I knew about this project then!

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I love paint brochures. I always have. I often get these folders as well as the individual colors, just to look at them. Guess it is like looking at fabric, I think. Sometimes you don’t need to be doing anything with it, just enjoying it.


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