Chapter Two: Abstract to “In the Eleventh Month”

In the fall of 2022 I participated in studio painting sessions at Woodmere Museum of Art. The class was called Exploring Abstraction and was led by Val Rossman. If any of this information sounds familiar it is because I have done previous sessions in the studio with this group. And that’s because I like being there!

Now I started to work on the second of the three multiples. Here are the original three, as a reminder. Take a good look and see if you can see which one of these I started with*.

I worked on this one at home, too. It took some time for me to get the shapes just as I wanted them. Here is what I ended up with.

I named it for November, the month in which it was painted, and my birthday month!

“In the Eleventh Month”. Acrylics and acrylic marker, 20″ x 16″.

*The painting I started with is the one in the middle.

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    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I never used to think I could depict people but I am glad I tried because now I really enjoy placing them in an environment and imagining what story they might be appearing in.

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