Not art, but insisting on recognition, anyway

What are these shirts doing? Well, they started out as regular old t-shirts for my husband, but since I bought cheap, they shrank weird. You know how they do, they stay the same side to side, maybe, but the length is way shorter than they started out.

I could have given them away, but I decided to grab them for myself – they could be nice exercise shirts, I thought.

But oh so boring. So I fixed them up with “slogans”. I grabbed my stencils and some acrylic paint and then I adorned them with these words, which are the ones that came to mind at that moment.

My husband asked me if the backwards E on New Ink P(e)n! was on purpose or not. Yes, it was – I felt the urge to flip it and so I did.

I’ve tried them all out in exercise sessions and they came through with flying colors. Go Dust Mop! Go Paper Clip! Go New Ink P(e)n!

And yes, that is my cat’s feet in the picture. He settled down just as I took the photo.

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