2003 Calendar – January

Here’s a project I did in 2001-2002 that I had forgotten about. Now, here in 2022-2023, I will take a trip down memory lane and show it to you, once each month.

Why this schedule? Because it is a calendar. For 2003.

I made three of these – one for my son, one for my parents, and one for my husband. It’s the last one that I am showing to you. They were all alike except for the covers.

I hoped this calendar could be a small record of a certain time in our family. I do not know if my son still has his version, and my parents now are dead and their things scattered and gone, but here is the one we still have at our house, a voice speaking up again from the past.

If you want to know more about this calendar, look here.

Here is the collage image I used for the month of January, 2003. It’s called “January Diversion” and was 11″ x 14″. I made this image from a photo I took when my son went skating with a school group at the Old York Road rink in Elkins Park, PA (He is the guy in green pants near the front).

I don’t think this rink is still in business, but I’m not sure. As a note, about a year later I decided I wanted to learn to ice skate, went hereto the first lesson, fell, and broke my elbow. The end of my skating career.

Here is the page in the calendar.

Happy January!

As to the notes, #1. Raquel and Jaspar were a couple of our cats, a brother and sister duo who lived another 15 years or so and died within 6 weeks of one another. As for all the others, you can see that this month, the depth of winter, required a lot of pampering activities to fight back the cold and darkness!

9 thoughts on “2003 Calendar – January

        1. Claudia McGill Post author

          I used to roller skate a lot when I was younger. Trying to ice skate was maybe not a good idea, but it always attracted me with the idea of gliding along. Well, I will not be doing that, that’s for sure. Glad I tried, though.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I guess the ice and I were not meant to be friends. And the skating rink is now out of business, anyway, so I couldn’t go back even if I were crazy enough to want to!

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