Flipped the pages and look what I saw

Here is something I do every so often.

I take out one of my magazines I use for collage source material. I pick a well-used one with a lot of pages torn or cut in various ways.

Then I open it to a page. Flip an adjoining page over it. I need a page that’s been torn, so that the first page shows under it. If I have to, I just keep on going. Eventually there is a layering by coincidence that looks good to me.

When I find that serendipitous arrangement, I extract it from the magazine and glue it to a surface. Voila! Collage!

If this isn’t making much sense, then take a look at the photos. They each show several layers of pages, still in the magazine but ready to be taken out and glued.

If I want to. There is always the lure of trying just another page…Flip. Flip. Flip.

3 thoughts on “Flipped the pages and look what I saw

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. Sometimes I think I make better collages by mistake rather than by design, and this sequence of events is sort of that way – I turn the pages but the images make themselves.

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