Knitted Dishcloths 1

Back in the summer, I was looking through my knitting patterns and realized I had quite a collection of slip-stitch dishcloth options. I have made each one of these patterns in the past – in fact I am still using some that I knitted back in 2013 to this very day. These dishcloths do not ever wear out, though their appearances have certainly suffered fading and in a couple of cases, holes.

The problem with these patterns was that they had no pictures, so I didn’t know what the dishcloth looked like, and they had no recognizable names (being called something like Slip-Stitch dishcloth in many cases).

I decided to knit each pattern, give it a name just for my own reference, and take a photo. Then the next time I want to do some dishcloths I will have some idea where I am heading.

If you are a knitter, you know that you and your project become friends (or you hope to, at least, though some projects maybe just stay acquaintances, or merely tolerate you). But let’s say we’re friends. So I gave each dishcloth a female name with some meaning to me. This group I am showing you here (The photos are not in this order) is :

Annabelle, Belinda, Chloe, Della, Edie, Francesca, Georgina, and Helen.

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    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      I really like doing slip stitch and generally it is very easy to follow, and it let me use a lot of colors, so I was all in. If you want any patterns I can email them to you and you can print them out. Let me know.

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