Tiny House 9

Yes, another tiny house! I took another session of Build a Tiny House at the Smithsonian in July, 2022. Here is one of the houses I made.

It is larger than any other Tiny House I have made at about 15″. This is because I used a larger cardboard box as my base for the house. I can see that having more room to work with of course gives me more scope for architectural details and for decoration. And it makes me wonder about making even bigger, more elaborate ones…

I covered the box with black gesso and then used acrylic paints, markers, and collage for the surface decoration. Here are front and back views:

As you can see, it even has some stairs! (Not that they go anywhere, I just liked the idea of having stairs and I wanted to try out the techniques).

Here are more exterior views:

Here are some details from the exterior:

And details of the interior.

There you have it. Tiny House 9! Thank you to our instructor, Marcie Wolf-Hubbard, and classmates for a lot of fun.

17 thoughts on “Tiny House 9

  1. Nancy Bell Scott

    I adore every single one of the tiny houses you have shown us. They all look beautifully free, and use your sense of color, form, and texture to the max. Which might mean they take some time to do, to accomplish so much expressiveness. They always make me happy.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. That makes my day to hear that they can make you smile, I really get a kick out of making them (Want one? Just speak up and let me know!) I think they do take some time to do as there are stages where I have to let things dry and so on, plus I do just keep adding and adding (because, Like I said, it is so much fun!) WHo knew cardboard and paints could lead to such a lot of enjoyment.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      When I was young I LOVED any stories about tiny people or tiny creatures (I remember my grandmother reading me Thumbelina, and though there were aspects of the story that were not great – like how poor T is always getting matched up with unsuitable marriage partners, I loved the idea of a tiny woman and a tiny fairy prince!) I think this liking has carried over into today with these Tiny Houses.

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