2003 Calendar – August

Here’s a project I did in 2001-2002 that I had forgotten about. Now, here in 2022, I will take a trip down memory lane and show it to you, once each month.

Why this schedule? Because it is a calendar. For 2003.

I made three of these – one for my son, one for my parents, and one for my husband. It’s the last one that I am showing to you. They were all alike except for the covers.

I hoped this calendar could be a small record of a certain time in our family. I do not know if my son still has his version, and my parents now are dead and their things scattered and gone, but here is the one we still have at our house, a voice speaking up again from the past.

If you want to know more about this calendar, look here.

Here is the collage image I used for the month of August, 2003. It’s called “August Summer Song” and was 7″ x 5″ as seen here. However, originally the piece was larger (11″ x 14″). I had not made many abstract collages back then and I never got satisfied with this one. And, it never got much attention in my booth, never mind close to selling. Remember, for me back then, selling my art was the ultimate purpose for its making.

So, for the calendar it appeared in its original form but some time later, I cut it down to this size and sold it right away. Now I’m not sure I would have altered it, but…what is done is what is done.

Here is the page in the calendar.

Happy August!

As to the notes, 1. Fred Sherman was one of our cats, who had died a couple of years earlier. 3. I had just begun to try other mediums, as you can see here where I mention acrylic paints and oil pastels. 4. School supplies – at this time my son was in high school and back then, the students still used pencils… 6. I am not religious but I like the idea there was a St. Claudia (though she didn’t seem to have much of a story). 10. I guess if I am eating tomato sandwiches my tomato plants must have grown well and prospered.

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