Large Artist Sketchbook 2021 Pages 55 and 56

Here’s another one of my artist sketchbooks for you to see. It was finished in May of 2021 but the artworks were done over the previous year or so, I guess. I’ll be showing you page spreads, one each week, for as long as the book goes on.

As you know, I make these books for my own enjoyment. I work on a page as the inclination strikes me and I never have a plan for the book or for the artwork that goes into it. There is no theme, no meaning, other than what each image shows the viewer and the viewer takes away from the experience.

In this book I did artwork on the front and back of each page. There’s nothing written associated with the images, and the images paired in each page spread do not relate to each other in any way except for being side by side.

I hope you enjoy looking at this book!

Today’s images are the last two pages of the book. You’ve seen the whole thing. If you want to check back into the past to review the book, I published images every Friday for I guess the last 6 or 7 months or so – just scroll back in the posts. Or, search under the category Artist Books.

Thank you so much for following along.


Here is the page spread for today:

And here are the individual pages.

13 thoughts on “Large Artist Sketchbook 2021 Pages 55 and 56

  1. agnesashe

    I am loving these. They are colourful, in your familiar style, but they have a hint of a dark quality about them. Reading your introduction it seems that you might have done these at the initial height of the pandemic? I don’t know about you, but the past two and a half years of Covid has had an effect on my work. It’s neither particularly better nor worse, somehow just different.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I would need to look at the dates on the images to know when I made them (I date them, but I don’t fill the book in order, so it could be at different times). But I definitely think my artwork has changed since the pandemic and the various other collapses in the world. I guess there is no way it wouldn’t be. I feel it has gotten more focused and more emotional, maybe.

      1. agnesashe

        Yes, I can’t see how anybody let alone creative folk could not be changed in some way by the huge events of the last two and a half years. It seems as though the faith in relentless positive progress is being seriously challenged.

        1. Claudia McGill Post author

          I’m not optimistic about people. Other things, yes, people, no. So I am not surprised about the progress thing. It seems to me we’re just reverting to the normal way people have always behaved or wanted to behave . But I’m still saddened all right.

  2. Laura (PA Pict)

    I love the energy and explosive colour of both pieces. I especially love the first piece. It seems to me that the figure is loudly announcing their arrival in some dramatic and attention-grabbing way but there is then the bathos of the critter’s critique. Love it.

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