Ponderosa Lemons

I made this painting in March, 2022, inspired by a plant I saw at Ott’s Exotic Plants in Schwenksville, PA. In the large greenhouse there where they sell a huge number of all kinds of plants, they also have some specimens for display. I saw a small tree with enormous green-gold globes on it and was surprised to learn they were lemons.

Ponderosa Lemon tree, the sign said. Yes! They were beautiful and later on I wanted to paint the beauty and well, just the outright brashness of lemons who could be so big and bold.

(Click here to read about Ott’s and to see the photos of the lemons.)

“Ponderosa Lemons”, 16″ x 20″, acrylics, 2022.

6 thoughts on “Ponderosa Lemons

  1. elmediat

    Excellent composition. 🙂
    Some very random thoughts:
    Face Pareidolia – when the artist gives you lemons. Early TV series proposal: It was1849 and on the Cartwright family has moved onto some scrub land in the territory of Nevada to raise a herd of lemons/lemmings. – There were changes before it went on to become a big hit in the 1960s.

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