Ongoing Fascination with Reflections in Store Windows

The title of this post says it all. Here are some photos I took in Bryn Mawr, PA, in April, 2022.

This first photo shows what looks to be a storage (?) area for the nearby hospital thrift shop. Maybe? Or else it’s someone’s treasure trove open to public view (with a member of the public photographing herself taking a photo as well).

Oh, dear, what a lot going on here.

The city with a chandelier for starlight, I think. Not needed right now in the daytime. But imagine how it would be to look up at the night sky and see this constellation all lit up!

All right, this one is not containing a reflection, but I liked the way the ancient Venetian blinds cut the window into sections. It’s the same shop as in the first photo, from a different window.

My favorite subjects ever – mannequins. I do so love a haughty figure staring disdainfully down at me, wearing chic clothes and a reflected view of the surroundings.

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