Tiny House 6

Back in April, my friend Diane was in town. I’ve known her for 25 years, +/-. We met at an art show in the 1990’s and have been friends ever since. She now lives in North Carolina and though we have been in close touch over the internet, I had not seen her for about 5 years.

She means a lot to me, and that’s an understatement, no matter how loud I say it! So you can imagine I was thrilled to see her. I wanted to give her something to take home with her to remind her of our meeting and all our past history. So I decided to make her a Tiny House.

I do not think she will mind if I show it to you. Here is the front and back.

I thought she would like a house with an attic (studio?).

Here are side views.

And here are some pictures with more detail, showing the inside and outside.

Well, there it is. A Tiny House for a friend. Good feelings make this one a Tiny Home, I think.

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