2003 Calendar – June

Here’s a project I did in 2001-2002 that I had forgotten about. Now, here in 2022, I will take a trip down memory lane and show it to you, once each month.

Why this schedule? Because it is a calendar. For 2003.

I made three of these – one for my son, one for my parents, and one for my husband. It’s the last one that I am showing to you. They were all alike except for the covers.

I hoped this calendar could be a small record of a certain time in our family. I do not know if my son still has his version, and my parents now are dead and their things scattered and gone, but here is the version we still have at our house, a voice speaking up again from the past.

If you want to know more about this calendar, look here.

Here is the collage image I used for the month of June, 2003. It’s called “June Vacation” and was 14″ x 11″. It depicts the beach and boardwalk at Bethany Beach, Delaware. I did an art show here on the boardwalk a couple of times – it was a nice experience.

Here is the page in the calendar. Once again, many references are made to our gardens.

Item #4 refers to my art show schedule – at this time, I was doing 20 or so shows a year with most of them occurring between the months of May through October. This particular reference relates to a show we did during a tropical storm and that taught us to always always always! take along a change or two of clothing, even to a one-day event.

Because things were hectic in the summer, Item #9 was a necessary reminder to myself.

Item #7 refers to a favorite thing I still like to do – whenever I go anywhere, I buy postcards and send them. I love sending them and I love getting them.

Then there is Item #10. It seems I am always looking for a bathing suit with a good fit. Isn’t everyone?

Happy June!

10 thoughts on “2003 Calendar – June

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I did quite a few beach related collages like this in the late 90’s / early 2000’s as we did several shows a year at various shore locations and I took lots of photos! I do love a cheerful beach scene.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      OMG, in the rain, in windstorms, hail, and sunny days – in blistering 100 degree heat, or below freezing, with a broken arm, with a broken foot. Underdressed, overdressed, wrapped in blankets, pouring a cup of water over my head to cool down. In dust, mud, mayflies, sticky tar streets, bird poop, kids with ice cream hands, dancing with a drunk guy at a street fest (he said he would buy two items if I did it, and he kept the promise, and my husband almost split his sides laughing at that one), selling art to kids on their budget of $5. Dogs peeing on my table cover hems, free doughnuts and coffee from the show organizers. and selling in big crowds, no crowds, cities, parks, streets…I could go on and on! In 25+ years, so many shows, and I loved pretty much every minute of it all.

        1. Claudia McGill Post author

          Thank you. Yes, it is kind of a poem, isn’t it? I had not thought of that. Maybe I should see if I can do anything with it. I realize I have not written much about my show life, and that seems crazy because it went on for years and was, like any job, kind of a structure for my life.

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