Card Graffiti? Or Art? Doesn’t Matter as Long as She Smiles.

I wanted to send an Easter card to our little granddaughter (she is just a little short of 2 years old).

Though I love to send cards, the buying of them makes me impatient. I find that most cards don’t really fit whatever situation or relationship I have with the person to receive it – too sentimental, too brash, express feelings I don’t really have, etc. (Why can’t a card just say “Happy – fill in the blank – day”?)

So, I tend to grab the first thing that seems appropriate and rush out of the store. That’s what I did with this card for my granddaughter.

Cute little chick, right? I thought so, too. She likes birds and animals so I thought it would appeal to her. The inside sentiment was fine, too, though I had to amend it to make it from both me and her grandfather. But the overall effect was just flat, I thought.

Well, I got to work. I thought that if one chicken was good, lots and lots would be even better.

Now I am satisfied. I hope these chickens squawk out their message loud and proud!

8 thoughts on “Card Graffiti? Or Art? Doesn’t Matter as Long as She Smiles.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Yes, she has since received the card and she liked it (so her parents say!). I enjoyed doing it. I think a lot of chickens make for a sociable situation all right.

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    I like your embellishments. I do the same thing to cards because I find sentimental cards or ones containing mawkish rhymes to not fit my personality or style. Therefore, if I spot a card where the image is perfect for the recipient, I will play around with the interior. I actually most often buy blank cards so that I don’t even have to deal with the sentiment.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Yes, me too, but this one had that chick which is what sold me and luckily a not too sappy interior, but it still didn’t suit me. Cards need to go all out for the recipient, I think!

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      She has received it (I sent it early since I thought Easter was last week, oops) and the whole family seemed to like it, so I felt happy and I also enjoyed drawing all those chickens!

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