More Paper Dolls and Their Interactions

Here are some more paper people caught as they go about their regular routines.

All I do is set them on the scanner, at random, in groups of two or three. They do the rest.

They are all pretty much the same size – the photos might make them appear as if some are larger than others. These people are all about 5-6 inches tall.

This crowd has moved to North Carolina. I think they’ll find a nice welcome there.

18 thoughts on “More Paper Dolls and Their Interactions

  1. Diane

    Well, maybe they will be living with your cousin, or me, or both?!?!? Or some other wayward person here I do not know about.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. It is a lot of fun to make them because I really enjoy dressing them and getting them into various gestures and so on, to get a personality for them.

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