Our library in Glenside PA has been making up craft kits free for the public to pick up and take home to work on. They generally use discarded library materials such as magazines or decomissioned books and the projects are simple to do but rewarding and fun.

A while back I picked up the instructions for making coasters out of magazine pages, plus a couple of scrap magazines from the pile they had by the door. Here are the instructions:

I spent a few evenings early in January making some of these circular objects while watching the PA Farm Show on our state cable channel (laugh if you want, but you start watching and you’ll see what I mean. My favorite things? Sheep to Shawl competition and the bunny hop race).

But back to the subject. Here’s a view for you:

They are maybe 3″ in diameter. I stopped spiraling when one strip just overlapped itself with maybe a quarter-inch to spare.

I’ve got a group of them now. Here are some glamour shots.

I’m not going to use them for coasters. I think they are beautiful just to look at and I think I’ll keep them around just for that.

Thanks to the staff at the Glenside Library not only for all they do to make sure we have our books, but also for keeping our hands busy, in these crazy times.

6 thoughts on “Spirals

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    What a fun project and I love that it is eco-conscious, accessible to all, and has a library connection through the use of print media in the recycling. I like the look of those spirals and they also look pretty tactile.

    I am not laughing at all about your farm viewing. When we first moved to a rural area, things like livestock shows and competitions about jam were alien to us. It did not take long, however, for us to get into the culture and to look forward to things like agricultural shows. We were never active participants but we enjoyed celebrating the achievements of others and it is actually really mesmerizing to watch events like dogs herding sheep.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. And I also like sheep herding competition. I saw a man at Karamoor farm this weekend training a dog out in a field. Made me think again about the farm show.

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