Leftovers Fly Together

I was making a lot of paper dolls in late 2021 and as you might expect, the activity generated a lot of little scraps of paper. Naturally I felt the need to arrange them into something. Here’s a postcard that I did using these bits. I took whatever scrap my hand fell on and pasted it to the cardboard back (cereal box cardboard cut to postcard size).

Guess what, it looks kind of like a bird, that’s what I said to myself. I added an eye and called it done. Postcard, December, 2021.

Very satisfying. I encourage you to try this method. Save your odd little scraps and start gluing at random. At some point it might look like something to you and if you want, add papers to make it happen.

And if nothing occurs, then…paint or draw over it. Or add more papers or anything else you can think of. Something will eventually emerge, it’s fun, and you’ll be happy. I guarantee it.

5 thoughts on “Leftovers Fly Together

  1. Diane

    Yes, nothing wasted! And a treat for someone. Last year I sort of did the opposite. I had scraps from something and glued them into a sketchbook and made fashion models. I may have shown you already but maybe I will send you a picture or two anyway because who remembers what we sent???!! This also reminds me of a mom story I will tell you. Now I will stop monopolizing your comment space. Xo

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