Paper Dolls and Their Social Mileu

Here are some paper dolls I made back in December, 2021. It’s the kind of thing I like to do while watching TV at night.

I glue the papers (mostly magazine pages) on to a postcard-sized cardboard rectangle (I use cereal or cracker box cardboard – it’s sturdy but not bulky). Once I have finished the figure I cut out around it. Each figure is about 5.5-6″ tall.

I scanned the figures in groups to make these images. All I did was line up the figures – I didn’t arrange them or make groupings. So you might say these images catch the paper dolls in their regular life? A kind of Candid Camera thing? Visual eavesdropping, maybe. Anyway, here they are.

As a note, this entire group recently hopped on a plane (inside an envelope) and moved out to California where, at latest report, they are making new friends and settling down. Good luck to them!

10 thoughts on “Paper Dolls and Their Social Mileu

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I made quite a few in recent months. Now I’m in between groups. I say this because I know there will always be another one as long as I have magazines and clue and scissors.

  1. Diane

    I love these and I can see that your sewing skills are being put to a very different use in these clothing designs. What fun!

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      You know, I am interested in fashion just to look at it, I’m not interested in clothes for myself. So these people here, well, they are a captive audience for my fashion skills all right!

  2. marissthequilter

    What a good thing that these characters allowed you to do some visual eavesdropping. They certainly have charm and flair and look very happy to have been created.

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