…is the name of today’s story at Fictive Dream.

Throughout the month of February 2022 I will be showing you illustrations I did for Flash Fiction February 2022 at Fictive Dream, an online magazine devoted to the short story.

Here’s the image editor Laura Black chose for this story, Sneakers, by Rita Ciresi.

And here is the artwork with the banner. Take a look at this image. And then…

Read the story at Fictive Dream.

9 thoughts on “Sneakers

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Yes. A straightforward lesson in the painfulness of life, and I also saw the comparison between the mother needing to bring out the harsh realities, but also the sadness at having to do so. Very poignant.

  1. Laura Black

    Sneakers by Rita Ciresi offers some stark truth, indeed. The story takes place in a story and when I saw this illustration I knew immediately it was the one! A great palette which, you might say, reflects the fiery exchange between the characters, and I love those huge glass windows. Couldn’t be more perfect, Thank you, Claudia.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. There are a lot of hard lines drawn in this story, by necessity, and the picture shows some of my favorite motifs again, rectangles and squares, but more defined than I often make them. Anytime India ink is used it makes a strong statement, I think.

  2. Laura (PA Pict)

    I thought the story was excellent in its depiction of parenting and having to deliver harsh lessons about stark realities. I think your story captures that sense of tempestuous emotions – the anger, the embarrassment, the shock – in its colour palette and the way in which the two windows can also represent the mother and son.

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