For the Birds

I swear I drew this person with a bird on her shoulder having no idea I was doing so – on an insert from a carton of eggs, back in December, 2021.

I only realized it after I had finished and looked more closely at the scrap of paper I had picked up to draw on.

There is something to think about here – was I subconsciously influenced by the theme of the insert? The upside-down bird shapes above my own bird, did I notice them out of the corner of my eye? DId I read the word BIRD upside down as I drew, without knowing it?

Honestly, I grabbed this little piece of paper and did this drawing only to test out a new magnifier/lamp that I had recently purchased (By the way, it worked great and it’s really going to help me).

Inspiration and how the mind works and when the pen and hand get involved…oh, trying to figure it out is just…for the birds!

8 thoughts on “For the Birds

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    What fun serendipity. You draw birds so often that I tend to think it was a complete coincidence but our brains do absorb so much subconsciously that you never know.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I love making figures and I always make their faces last, I guess because maybe that build up of going through the body guides me in what expression the person has. It is always somewhat of a surprise to me! I liked the way this little picture came out, it’s just silly, but fun. My lamp is a good addition. Between the light and the magnification it does make things a lot easier when it gets to details.

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