Abstract Painting Class Four (Part Two)

In October/November 2021 I attended an abstract painting studio class at Woodmere Museum in Philadelphia, PA. Our group met in the museum’s teaching studio and spent 3 hours each Tuesday morning just painting with critiques from our instructor, Val Rossman. Thanks to her and my fellow students for a nice experience.

Here is a bit more about Week Four in class, a tag end. After I finished up the “Let’s Eat Lunch” painting, I had a lot of time left in the session. That is because I had started the “Lunch” painting the week before. So I began another painting and made a good bit of progress on it. I then finished it in a session of an online painting class I was taking, later in the week.

This painting did double duty! Here it is:

“Night Freight Train”, 18″ x 24″ in acrylics on paper (in my extra-large sketchbook).

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