Five Stories for Five Years: Ahu’s Story

Fictive Dream, the online magazine devoted to the short story, is celebrating five years of publishing with a special event, Five Stories for Five Years. Editor Laura Black commissioned new stories by several authors from the beginning days of the magazine and they are being presented the week of May 17-21, 2021.

I illustrated each story, and I’ll be showing the art each day during the run of the event, right here.

Today’s story is Ahu’s Story, by Nod Ghosh.

I made two versions for editor Laura Black and she picked one of them to accompany the story. But which one? Go to Fictive Dream, read the story, and find out!

9 thoughts on “Five Stories for Five Years: Ahu’s Story

  1. Fictive Dream

    Either of these beautiful illustrations would have perfectly complemented Ahu’s Story by New Zealand author Nod Ghosh. There’s a sense of hope and growth in this story, much of which is set in a forest. For this reason alone the first option would have worked well. However, there is also the recurring motif of peas and I could not resist the second option. Like you, Claudia, I love the circle as a shape and I find this particular artwork so energetic. Thank you, for a great piece of artwork, once again.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. There seemed to be several concrete motifs to illustrate here, the peas and the trees among them, but to me the story is about the color green, which to me is progression and growth and change. I like both of these pictures and I am very fond of the color green, so the illustrations flowed easily.

  2. Laura (PA Pict)

    I very much enjoyed the story and I think that green was the perfect colour for the illustrations. Not only are there references to peas and trees and plants but I associate green with the idea of youth and growth – probably because of Dylan Thomas’ ‘Fern Hill’.

  3. memadtwo

    Both illustrations are mesmerizing. The colors!
    Parents want the best for their children, but they often don’t know how to be a good guide. And children…the lure of the forbidden is strong. (K)

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      We try so hard as humans to make things connect, or work or resolve, and so often we fail, it seems successes are the unusual, and yet – from another angle, it is all success, we continue to live and survive to learn. That is what I try to see it. As for the illustration, well, I did love both of these pictures. The green colors really hit the right shades for me in these pictures, and green can be hard to get that to happen sometimes, at least for me.

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