A Visit to the Delaware Art Museum 4/24/21

A visit to the Delaware Art Museum.

Sometimes You Get So Confused

Well, the title of the post tells you the topic. Now, let fill in some background and then…I’ll give you a tour.

The pandemic has jolted me into action. What do I mean? Well, before March 2020 many patterns in my life were ending and I had not had much success in picking up the threads and beginning new ones. Flip the calendar pages to April 2021 and without going into the tiresome details of all the thinking and reflecting I have done in light of the severe shaking the past year’s events have given to my emotions and worldview, what has come out of it is this:

Stop wasting time. Get busy and get moving.

Maybe I have oversimplified it a bit but believe me, you’re happier with the short version of the plan rather than a line item discussion. Suffice it to say, my idea is, if I…

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3 thoughts on “A Visit to the Delaware Art Museum 4/24/21

  1. Robin King

    That’s a very special day you had – thank you for sharing it with us!! I esp liked the clay things, too. They let you take pictures? I took a shot of Wyeth’s pig at the Brandywine Museum a thousand years ago and they tossed me out. Haven’t been to a museum since, so your post was a lovely reminder of what’s out there. 👏♥️👏🥰

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      These days it seems that since everyone has the phone camera, it’s impossible to enforce, mostly I have just seen requests not to use the flash, which no one does, anyway. On this visit I saw several people taking photos.

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