Dairy Barn on a Misty Morning

Back and November my husband and I were walking in the Norristown Farm Park very early, just after sunrise. It was a misty frosty morning. I took these photos across the fields stretching over to the Dairy Barn complex.

I think you would never know that right behind us, traffic buzzed along busy Germantown Pike, and that a large hospital building is just across the street. No, when I look at this scene, I can imagine a different time when things were quiet here and the only sounds were that of the land that was resting for next spring’s growing season.

2 thoughts on “Dairy Barn on a Misty Morning

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. The Farm Park is an anomaly in my area – the very built up suburbs – and of course it has a history with the mental hospital that adds to the personality of the place. But mostly, it is just so nice to have this space near home. And, fall is so beautiful here, many mornings like this one. I was glad to capture this memory and be able to look back at it.

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