Another Painting Class: Painting #6

In January/February 2021 I took an online painting class at Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia, PA. The class was called BLENDING ABSTRACTION AND REPRESENTATION, and over six sessions our class explored the continuum between these two endpoints of a line.

The class was structured so that we worked on our individual artworks in our home studios while participating in discussions and vewing demonstrations by the teacher. I did quite a bit of work and I’ll be showing them to you over a few posts.

Thanks to my instructor, Lesa Chittenden Lim, and my classmates, for a good experience.

Here’s a painting I did. It’s called “Reading at Breakfast”, and it is 20″ x 16″, done in acrylics on canvas.

I read a lot, and I read at every meal that I eat alone. In the usual routine, that is breakfast and lunch each day.

My cat likes to crawl up and get into my lap when I sit down, and if he can’t manage that, he gets right on the table and snuggles up to me.

There you see it, a slice of my own life.

7 thoughts on “Another Painting Class: Painting #6

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. Our cat Martok is the model in spirit if not in looks. He cuddles up to me wherever I sit down and give him the chance to settle with me.

  1. Sarah Sullivan

    Claudia, I love this series! I checked out the class and am now enrolled in the April session. Thank you so much for sharing both your memories and the class information.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thhis is great. I hope you will enjoy it. We have a nice group who have most of us been together for about 10 weeks now and our teacher is wonderful. I’ll be happy to “see” you there, you will be very welcome.

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