Ice Patterns

A couple of days ago my husband and I were out for a run/walk on the Green Ribbon Trail in Flourtown, PA. This trail winds through the flood plain of the Wissahickon Creek and is about 12 miles long, with much of it a single track dirt trail, very rough.

However, there is a section that is paved and more sedate, and that’s usually where we go. On this cold morning (about 21 degrees F) we were on this section of the trail bundled up and moving along.

There was still snow on the trail in some spots and one such place was right by the gravel parking lot on Mill Road, across from the golf club. The trail was blocked, but the parking lot was all clear, so we just cut through there.

I saw these beautiful ice patterns in the potholes. Talk about beauty in a prosaic location. I snapped some photos. When I came home I did some adjustments to them as well to see what happened. I do not think my photos convey anything like how wonderful these ice formations were, but…now I have something to remind me of this sight, don’t I? Because by now, the ice has melted and the images are gone.

I’ll show you the original photo and the adjusted one beside it. I did different things to each picture, just for the fun of it.

25 thoughts on “Ice Patterns

  1. Recovering Creative

    Love these nature art finds. I took a series of photos of frozen waters around my boat dock and shore line, one rare year when the salt water bay froze. I edited the photos to bring out how I saw the images, as abstracts. You inspire me!

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I have always liked the look of ice and how it makes patterns, so unexpected, and in places you would not imagine. I remember a photo I took some years ago of the inside of a mailbox lid with frost on it.

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