…is the name of today’s story on Fictive Dream.

Throughout the month of February 2021 I will be showing you illustrations I did for Flash Fiction February 2021 at Fictive Dream, an online short-story magazine. For more information about FFF21 and my artwork process, look here.

Here’s the image editor Laura Black chose for this story, Fidelity, by Jacqui Pack.

And here is the artwork with the banner. Take a look at this image. And then…

Read the story at Fictive Dream.

4 thoughts on “Fidelity

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Yes. I love how this image goes with the story, which I found really touching and emotional. I envisioned my cat doing the same thing (from the afterlife, which he has not gone to yet, thank goodness).

  1. Laura Black

    Fidelity by Jacqui Pack is a heart warming, original take on grief and there could not have been a better illustration for it. It places us right in the hedge that borders the narrator’s garden. I love the palette set against a warm grey, and those splashes of black mean so much in the context of the story. Thank you, Claudia, another perfect image.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. I like the way thegray also remind me of ashes. And I thought of the little leafy areas as being renewal (shoots sprouting up) when I made this picture. So I think it fits. The beloved pet’s spirit continues to live and grow in their hearts. I really loved this story.

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