Classwork: Painting #10

I took an online class in abstract painting during November/December 2020. For more info, see the introduction in this post featuring the first painting I did in the class.

The class was structured with a short lecture at the beginning of class covering an abstract painter’s work and using it as a springboard to discuss abstract art principles. Then we students painted at our individual studios.

Thank you to my fellow students and my teacher, Kassem Amoudi.

Here’s my next painting to show you. It is called “At the Summer House” and it’s 20″ x 16″ in acrylics on canvas.

Here are some progress views of the painting’s creation.

5 thoughts on “Classwork: Painting #10

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    My brain interprets this scene as a snug tree house as I read it as a vertical composition with the branches supporting the structure and the green leaves (which I am glad you preserved through all of your edits) below.

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Those leaves were my favorite part. And funny you say treehouse, because that’s what I realized it was, after I was finished. It was a childhood dream of mine to have a tree house…

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