Classwork: Painting #9

I took an online class in abstract painting during November/December 2020. For more info, see the introduction in this post featuring the first painting I did in the class.

The class was structured with a short lecture at the beginning of class covering an abstract painter’s work and using it as a springboard to discuss abstract art principles. Then we students painted at our individual studios.

Thank you to my fellow students and my teacher, Kassem Amoudi.

Here is the next painting. It is called “Red Trees in a Snowstorm”. It’s 20″ x 16″, done in acrylics on canvas.

And, as you know, I took photos during the class that I sent to the instructor for him to look at – and in doing so had a record of my painting’s progress. This particular painting evolved very quickly. I’ve only got one progress image to show you.

2 thoughts on “Classwork: Painting #9

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. You know, I was not sure if they would work or overpower. but – I left them and now I feel happy about them, thanks for the vote of confidence. I did this painting to commemorate our last snow, apparently we are getting another one tomorrow, so…maybe more snow scenes…

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