Would You Like to Visit this Location?

I took this photo of the Pencoyd Bridge in Philadelphia PA in September 2020.

I gave it a real boost in color saturation, just for fun, because even in the unaltered photo, I loved the color array – green, blue, orange, red. I thought it would look great in a stronger version.

The view made me think of postcards from the past – a local scene captured to show people who might never be able to visit the location, that would make you marvel as you looked over the card. Every place, big and small, has beauty spots and places of interest, and I enjoy seeking out the sites that local people feel are important.

And I love receiving postcards.

That’s why I thought of this as a great postcard image. If you received this item in your mail, you might examine it in detail, see what your cousins or your grandmother saw in the real-world version that caught their eye strongly enough to buy the card so you could enjoy it, too.

All right, here it is. Greetings from the Pencoyd Bridge, Philadelphia, PA!

3 thoughts on “Would You Like to Visit this Location?

    1. Claudia McGill Post author

      Thank you. As soon as I saw the original photo I knew I had to try this. The color combinations were so nice, and the scene really looked so familiar to me as to the kind of postcards I received back then – so often of pretty mundane things, but the “beautry spots” of wherever the sender had been visiting, made them special.

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